Which Wire Works Where?

Yes, even in the wireless world of PocketWizard, radios still need to be connected to the device they are triggering and that requires a cable. We recently re-worked our wacky world of wires, especially the remote shutter release cables. We started by beefing up the cable, gold-plating the connections, designing new strain-reliefs, adding a product ID label, and giving the cables some nice industrial design complete with a stylized PocketWizard branded dome label. We’re pretty proud of them. With over 50 cables in our line, this process took a fair amount of time and there are a few lower volume cables in the line waiting to be reworked. At the same time, we redesigned our cable packaging. We switched to a box made from 100% recycled material with a biodegradable and recyclable label showing images of both ends of the cable and a complete compatibility list.


With that said, we’re trying to get you just the right cable for your radio (new or old), introduce some new cable models, and reduce some confusion. “But change itself can be confusing!” you might say, and “Just tell me what cable to get!” Okay – here it is:


* The FlexTT5 is a special beast when it comes to remote camera triggering. Learn more at the PocketWizard Wiki.

The recommended remote shutter release cable for most radios and situations is our Stereo (-ACC) cable. Use the cable finder, and select the -ACC cable result. It will work with all of our current radios. Any -ACC cable shipped in our new packaging (as mentioned above) includes the MSMM adapter to make it work with older radios. If your dealer doesn’t list the MSMM as included, then pick one up. Older cables will still work in most situations as well.


Just Full Press / Simple Remote Trigger – Your remote camera will trigger as if you mashed the shutter release button all the way down, no pausing at half-press. Whatever your camera would normally do in that situation is what will happen. A camera set to full manual will just trigger. A camera set to auto-focus usually gets the job done, but it might not – you’ll have to test it out.

Remote Half-press – Remote Half-press wakes the camera up, and allows it to focus and meter before the shot is taken. With the right radios (Plus III mostly, but also the MultiMAX and FlexTT5) you can independently activate the camera’s half-press, and then trigger it a moment after. This is closer to how most people use a camera.

Locked Half-press at the camera – Using a little box with a switch in it, you can set the camera as if the shutter release is half-pressed all the time. Why would anyone do this? It makes the camera respond more quickly and consistently, but it uses the camera’s batteries a *lot* faster. This is used mostly for sports photography where timing is super critical.

Any – Any remote shutter release cable that is compatible with PocketWizard radios and your camera will work.

Stereo (-ACC) – Cables that have the capacity to Remote Half-press are based on industry standard stereo connectors, like those used for headphones. Most of our current remote shutter release cables are based on this connector. Why “–ACC?” Because several years ago they were designed for the MultiMAX’s ACCessory port.

Mono – also known as “normal or basic” cables. These cables provide just full press or simple remote trigger operation for nearly any PocketWizard radio.

PTMM – This little in-line switchbox converts a stereo (-ACC) cable into a mono Pre-Trigger (–P) cable.

ptmm-entirecable_10inches wide

Pre-Trigger (-P) Cable – A legacy cable used for locking in half-press at the camera.

MSMM – Adapts a Stereo (-ACC) into a mono cable for use with radios that require that, like the venerable Plus II. If a description in the table says “+ MSMM” then you must use that adapter.





Be sure to check out these new cables as well:

PW-DC-N10 – Power Cable for the MiniTT1, Plus III and MultiMAX. 


(Will we be making one of these cables for Canon? Sadly, no. Nikon 10-pin cameras are the only ones to provide convenient power. Other Nikon cameras, and all Canon cameras, provide only the pins necessary for wake-up triggering and power is not available.)

 – Flash Sync Cable – For remotely triggering a flash via a standard hot shoe.

Visit this page to view all re-worked cables and accessories.

hsfm3 3.4 view 72dpi 2x2

If you want to learn more, search our Wiki for information on remote camera cables.

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2 Responses to “Which Wire Works Where?”

  1. Alberto Tanikawa says:

    Is the PW-DC-N10 just for powering the Plus III/Multimax or can it also trigger? It would be nice to have that functionality since the 10-pin port can do that and more.

    • Ron Egatz says:

      This is a power cable only.

      Compatible PocketWizard radios:
      MiniTT1 with firmware version 3.400 or higher
      Plus III

      *Only works with MultiMAX units with a 4 pin ACC port (red board) and serial #’s: 5578506-5578569, 5578601-5578900, 5579001 and higher.

      Compatible Nikon cameras:
      Any Nikon camera with a 10-pin remote shutter release terminal