Dixie Dixon Captures Edgar Gomez

Remy, ©Dixie Dixon

Remy, ©Dixie Dixon

When Houston native Dixie Dixon was a student at Klein High School she was paid to photograph Little League games. Wielding her trusty Nikon FG, she made ten dollars per hour, and shot every weekend, including soccer competitions. “Not bad for a kid,” she says, grinning.

Dixon’s father was a hobbyist photographer, and provided her first camera. Her grandfather was a landscape photographer.

Not many professional shooters can match Dixon’s claim of only working as a photographer, but it’s true. She shot for the high school yearbook, and one of her shots made the cover senior year. At that point she decided she wanted to pursue photography for a living.

Studying entrepreneurship in college, she learned how to run a business, which has helped her photo practice. She launched her business while still attending school. “The business background definitely helps in accounting,” she says.

During her junior year, she studied abroad with a fashion photographer. At that time she fell in love with fashion photography, the genre she’s now known for. Before graduation, she was shooting weddings, but got tired of it. “I started shooting fashionable portraits of friends and then started charging for them. My whole senior year, I started my business and got my Web site up and it was really just shooting fashion portraits.”

Since her first camera at age ten, at the ripe old age of twenty-five, Dixon already has a long list of clients and the television show Get Out under her belt. With talent and credits beyond her years, she’s a photographer to watch. Dixon has quickly become known for her fashion photography and portrait work.

“In this shoot, it was my goal to bring out the ethereal beauty of the ‘Edgar Gomez’ collection.” she says. “We had an amazing team to pull it off and one of my all time favorite models, Remy Ryan with Wallflower Management.”

“To accomplish the look, I opted for simple lighting: one parabolic umbrella with a Profoto head slightly above and to the right and PocketWizard Plus® II’s to fire the strobes,” she says. “I shot my Nikon D3x Camera tethered to a MacBook Pro via Capture One. I used a filter on the front of the lens with Vaseline and a purple gel at the bottom to get the romantic dreamy effect.”

“I choose PocketWizards 100% of the time because of their reliability and functionality,” says Dixon. “They are the best in the biz, and I can always count on them when I’m shooting productions, from studio to on-location.”

“For me, the key to photography is experimentation,” she emphatically states. “These shots were taken at  F/5.0, 1/125 and ISO 100.”

Remy, ©Dixie Dixon

Remy, ©Dixie Dixon

On this shoot, Dixon’s team consisted of the following:

  • Art Director/Photography: Dixie Dixon
  • Model: Remy Ryan
  • Makeup Artist: Paige Anderson
  • Hairstylist: Megan Waldemeir
  • Wardrobe Styling: Jeanette Chivvis
  • Designer: Edgar Gomez
  • Cinematography: Lorenzo Wallace
©Dixie Dixon

©Dixie Dixon

The PocketWizard Plus II has been replaced by the Plus III.

Dixon’s work has attracted clients such as Nikon, Florsheim Shoes, Get Out TV, ProFoods, Inside Edition, Rangefinder, HDNET, PDN’s PIX Magazine, American Heart Association, Nikon World Magazine, Professional Photographers Magazine, and more. View her portfolio and complete client list visit at her site.


All images, video, and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Dixie Dixon, all rights reserved; story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or repost elsewhere without written permission.

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One Response to “Dixie Dixon Captures Edgar Gomez”

  1. Robert Guillemette says:

    Very pretty. I have seen her work in Professional Photographer magazine. I photograph families and seniors. Most of what I photograph are high school kids with very little income but want a great senior portrait or a family in the same situation. I get a lot of info looking at her work it is just outstanding. Thanks for being an inspiration for me.