Making Waves, 13 December 2013


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Sean Setters of posted a great review of the the PlusX Transceiver. Sean shows you the real world testing that took place in order to test the PlusX.   The PlusX also made the gift list for this year.  Here is the complete list of 30 gifts that any photographer would love.   We also found it on Houston-based, fashion photographer, Dixie Dixon’s  holiday gift guide for photographers…”naughty or nice”.

Photo: © Justin Van Leeuwen

Photo: © Justin Van Leeuwen


SLR Lounge shows you all of the gear it takes for them to shoot their typical portrait sessions.  For off-camera lighting they use Plus®X Transceivers or Plus® III Transceivers. “We typically carry 3 or more of these on a shoot, one mounted on the camera and 2 on off-camera flashes. These reliable remotes are extremely important to us because off camera lighting is an important aspect to our style of photography.”




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