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The details, the possibilities! (podcast)


Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden of StudioLighting.net interviewed Phil Bradon, Product Marketing Manager for PocketWizard on their popular and informative podcast LightSource.

Learn more about:
History of Pocket Wizard

Custom radio channels for triggering
Current Models:
Pocket Wizard Plus II
$25 Rebate on the Plus II until Feb 2009
Using Pocket Wizard to trigger your camera
Pocket MultiMAX
Setting delay time for flash triggering
New cords for remote power control
Using zones for advanced triggering
How the Pocket Wizard frequency was selected
Difference between US and European models
Battery Life
Channels for use in large crowds

Listen and download here or subscribe in iTunes.

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USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro uses PocketWizard MultiMAX at 30fps to shoot Barry Bonds home run record swing

Robert Hanashiro of USA today used PocketWizard MultiMAX to shoot at a blazing 30fps with three Canon EOS-1D Mark II DSLRs while recording Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home-run swing, plus crossing home plate. Check out this cool video from YouTube.

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