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Turning up the Heat

The Sun-Sentinel, a Florida newspaper, not only has a great staff of photojournalists but a fun, educational blog. It’s latest entry is by Jim Rassol, who after 21 months of covering the election deserves a break — any kind of break — and one of his first was sports. It was Halloween night and Rookie Michael Beasley was having a little fun wearing a Batman mouthpiece during the Heat’s home opener against the Sacramento Kings. Jim used the ubiquitous PocketWizard, taped with his strobe to a courtside seat, to get an awesome shot of Dwayne Wade. You can find out more about Jim and his colleagues here.

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Frankly, we’d rather be using Daguerreotypes and flash powder…

© Vincent LaForet

Every once and a while a photographer comes along who boggles the mind in terms of artistic ability, commercial success and industry accomplishments. Vincent Laforet is one of them, and if you go to Vincent LaForet’s blog you’ll see what we’re talking about. No grass growing under his feet, as mom used to say.

Vincent recently traipsed off to Beijing, along with a few thousand other photographers, to cover the Olympics. If you think any shooter snuck off to a unique viewpoint, take a look at the results. How did we do it before PocketWizard? Or, imagine if photographers were like those of yesteryear and didn’t play well with others. Thankfully, times have changed.

via Strobist, where David remarks:

Finally, in case you haven’t seen it yet: Vincent Laforet takes a video stroll through Pocket Wizard heaven at the finish line of the 100m sprint at the Olympics. (Patrick Smith, if you are reading this from a public computer, you might want to put a pillow over your lap before you watch it…)

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USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro uses PocketWizard MultiMAX at 30fps to shoot Barry Bonds home run record swing

Robert Hanashiro of USA today used PocketWizard MultiMAX to shoot at a blazing 30fps with three Canon EOS-1D Mark II DSLRs while recording Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home-run swing, plus crossing home plate. Check out this cool video from YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

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