Rick Denham’s Off-Camera Flash Boot Camp

Rick Denham was first featured last year on our blog. He’s been running intensive workshops on off-camera flash, and is a noted wedding photographer in Ontario, Canada. He recently sent us the following video, along with the description below. Enjoy!

“This was a video shot and produced by Jay Lupish from Captivate Bridal for the off-camera workshop I did back in February. We had 12 students from all over southern Ontario at a small bed and breakfast in Niagara on the lake. We did shoots involving some custom cars, models, bride and grooms, and some food photography, as well. Oh, and by the way, I only use PocketWizards with my Canon 580EX II’s.

Off Camera Flash Boot Camp with Rick Denham Photography from Open Concept Films on Vimeo.

Thanks for sharing, Rick!

Rick Denham Photography
Rick Denham’s blog

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3 Responses to “Rick Denham’s Off-Camera Flash Boot Camp”

  1. mike says:

    Speedlights are lame, as soon as you put them in a decent softbox, you don’t have enough power, get real studio flashes. I have to say the video is very cool with great dof effect and dolly moves. I like the music also. Big thumb up for the video maker..

  2. rick denham says:

    hey mike, what exactly is it about speedlights that you feel is lame.
    i have 6 white lightning 1600′s and would much rather tote around the 580′s.
    the stands and equip required for my strobes weigh in at about 60 lbs.
    the stuff in need for my speedlights, well i’m lucky if its 10 lbs.
    i think they both have their pro’s and con’s, but i wouldn’t call them lame.
    while the strobes do give you power, sometimes portability and intrusiveness are more important than that.
    i find it hard to show up in a business or scholastic setting and set up 3 strobes when i can easily get the same effect with 3-4 speedlights.
    anyways, the bootcamp was designed around being able to travel small and shoot big, and the people that attended were amazed at the results they got.

    cheers, rick denham

  3. mike says:

    i said lame to put in a softbox.. i speak french, the word lame is a bad choice, sorry..i must have said not great in a softbox, not enough power.. to shot cars, you need high fstops, if you put speedlite in a softbox, it become a not great source of light. raise the ISO ? mm not.. I didn’t want to be negative about the work, just saying that speedlights are not strong enough for softbox. I have 5 speedlites, but i use them for hummingbirds ;-) great work here! great video! keep it up!