2012 Workshops with Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace will be touring seven cities in 2012. This popular photography instructor will be offering four classes this time around, including

  • Lightroom 4 Workflow
  • Digital Photography: Essential Training
  • Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography
  • Working with Speedlights

Mark Wallace BTS

Here’s a video of Wallace working out with PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers. In particular, you can see him turning different zones on and off.

Visit his site for full details. Here’s to broadening your photographic skill set in 2012!

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2 Responses to “2012 Workshops with Mark Wallace”

  1. Hey Mark:
    ur environment light is bright. did u use a fast speed shutter to darken the surroundings or did u use a small aperture and fast shutter to darken the surroundings of ur photo.

    • Ron Egatz says:

      Mark is adjusting the brightness of his lights and the camera aperture to achieve the proper brightness on the subject.
      The scene representation you see in the video is shot a much wider aperture and most likely higher ISO than used for the still camera shot.