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VIDEO: Manchul Kim’s HyperSynced Skateboarding

There really isn’t anything acclaimed Korean photographer Manchul Kim can’t shoot. Take a look at his portfolio and you’ll see everything from conceptual still life shots to rock band album covers. In this shoot, Manchul takes on skateboarding for DC shoes and Lee Sanglee.

Manchul Kim has known Lee Sanglee, a Korea DC Shoes team rider, for over ten years. Lee is one of Korea’s most experienced skateboarders and he has been active publishing books and DVDs as well as teaching the younger generation how to skate.

Manchul Kim

© 2012 Manchul Kim


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Ryan DeCesari’s HyperSync Success

Ryan DeCesari - Hypersync BMX

© 2012 Ryan DeCesari

Ryan DeCesari (a.k.a. Denver Photo Guy) was looking to gear up for the coming ski season and get some high speed sync happening. Looking back on his blog, you can watch his experiments evolve as his research leads him to what he needs to get the results he wants.

In his most recent two posts, he shares the results of his latest experiments, using PocketWizard’s HyperSync® with a MiniTT1® and FlexTT5®. He headed out to Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado for a test run and reports after “about 10 minutes with my laptop and the PocketWizard Utility to dial in the Hypersync function… I was able to get up to 1/8000 exposure.”

Later, in a more detailed post, Ryan sprints up the learning curve and tries out the classic dropping-objects-in-a-fishtank shoot, and gets some results that he says “utterly stunned and shocked him.” Using just one strobe, Ryan was able to shoot at 1/8000th and freeze motion perfectly. He writes, “The heavens lifted angels and choirs began to sing I sat back in my chair struggling to understand what this meant for my photography…… I settled on the idea that for an investment of around $800 I had a set up that could play with the big boys I had a super powerful strobe that could be transmitted from extreme distances and the ability to sync that strobe at its full power setting up to 1/8000 of a second shutter speed.”


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ProPhoto Coalition Shares High Flying HyperSync Results

When photographer Tony Donaldson set out to test PocketWizard’s HyperSync technology on the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 with his Nikon D800, he focused on the two things most important to him: “freezing action and being able to create good light even in crappy, midday sunlight.”

For that, he enlisted the help of gymnast Anna Clols and a trampoline. He was able to overpower the sun and freeze motion (even her hair!) while shooting at 1/2500th. Next, he went to a nearby park where he was able to get beautiful light, even at midday, and a shallow depth of field at 1/1250th.

He concludes:

“Having the versatility to make light bend to my will is absolutely amazing. The PocketWizard Mini and Flex worked flawlessly for the whole shoot. Being able to make well-lit pictures at times of the day when the sun is harsh but not caring is invaluable. There will always be times when this comes in handy, and being well practiced in it and knowing how to do it when it counts adds versatility and makes me look like a hero to my clients.”

Take a look at his results on the ProPhoto Coalition and see his portfolio.

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HyperSync on the Beach

If you haven’t explored the wonders of HyperSync™, here’s a great blog post with some numbers a photographer was able to get.

Impressed by previously mentioned photographers’ results (see below) with PocketWizard’s HyperSync technology, Laurence J. took to the beach with his Canon EOS 7D to see what he could get.

After calibrating, he was able to push his 7D to a sync speed of 1/1250th, far above the camera’s typical sync speed of 1/250th.

This piece opens eyes to the ability of HyperSync, and educates shooters to the types of shots possible with speeds you can get using PocketWizard MiniTT1 radio triggers.

Read the full review and take a look at some of Laurence’s work.

Further reading on HyperSync:
Tom Bol and High Speed Sync
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Chris O’Connell Stops Time

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Chris Garrison on HyperSync

Photographer Chris Garrison has shared his thoughts on HyperSync technology with us. You can learn more about Chris and his work by visiting his site and his blog



1/800th at f/7.1.

HyperSync(TM) is the single largest game changer for photographers using studio-type flashes. As photographers, we are once again taking part in another evolution of our industry. I consider the introduction of HyperSync technology by PocketWizard to be as large as the digital format transition. We are no longer just freezing motion with shutter speed or light, we are actually painting light onto the frozen motion.


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Dom Romney on Wheels or Water

Dom Romney may very well have been born in the wrong country. A native of the United Kingdom, Romney currently lives in Stansted, north of London, and is huge fan of American racing cars of all types. Heavily influenced by his father’s car collection and love of hot-rodding, the younger Romney grew up with it in his blood. Since then, experimental built-for-speed vehicles, classic muscle cars, nitro-based fire-breathing monsters, vintage restorations, and plethora of drag races involving almost anything resting on four wheels have all been photographed by Romney.

Dom Romney 020

©Dom Romney


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On Location with Rick Friedman

What happens when you take 16 working pro photographers, a ton of lighting gear, one location lighting expert, and stuff them all into the biggest barn you’ve ever seen? The place really lights up.

LPA recently sponsored and hosted a location lighting workshop for members of ASMP New England with Boston-based photographer Rick Friedman. Rick’s got the energy dial set to maximum pretty much all the time which is definitely part of his success as both a photojournalist and photo educator. He’s also got a bag full of PocketWizard radios which he puts to work in all his lighting work – both with speedlights as well as with studio lights.

ASMP NE and LPA Design's presentation of Rick Friedman's Location Lighting Workshop at the Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, VT. ©Chris Rakoczy


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Daniel Milchev’s Extreme Sports Shooting

Daniel Milchev flirted with photography as a child in Bulgaria. Now living in Vail, Colorado, Milchev has been a professional photographer for the past four years, focusing primarily on action sports.

Vail, and the Vail-area athletes, remain the big draw for Milchev. “There’s a lot of good skiers and snowboarders and bikers,” he says. Apart from covering the X Games, he feels he rarely needs to leave Colorado due to the abundance of extreme sports practiced throughout the state.

©Daniel Milchev


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Kevin Kubota’s Knockout Bride in Action

Photographer Kevin Kubota has posted an account of a very cool photo shoot he recently completed.

First off, Kubota stresses the good things which can happen when you shoot with a photography buddy. In this case, it’s his friend Benjamin Edwards. He details how the two shooters collaborated by taking turns setting up shots of the bride and groom, Jenah and Matt. Mutual feedback was critical to getting the best shots, and a great lesson can be learned from this paragraph of Kubota’s post alone.

The theme for this photo shoot was fairly easy to arrive at. Jenah, it turns out, is “a national team boxer.” What better idea than to put her in a ring, wearing a bridal gown, and have her knocking out her groom? Awesome concept, and great execution, guys.

©Kevin Kubota


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Tom Bol and High Speed Sync

©Tom Bol

Photographer and educator Tom Bol has a great post on his blog regarding syncing his Elinchrom Quadra at 1/2500. Bol used PocketWizard FlexTT5 and MiniTT1 radio triggers with a Quadra head, shooting a Nikon D300S with a 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.

This highly informative post is not to be missed, particularly if you’re an Elinchrom user. Bol goes into detail not only how he achieved his sample shots, but the science of what’s going on, and how to avoid unwanted results. He also details the handiness of using the PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller to set the output on an Elinchrom Ranger.

Be sure you don’t miss this informative post if you’re interested in high speed sync without clipping. Don’t forget to check out the great imagery Bol is capturing when not educating shooters on how to do the same by visiting his site.

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