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What’s up Pussycat? Özkan Özmen goes on a Portrait Safari

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Özkan Özmen at work

Özkan Özmen is a portrait photographer based in Frankfurt Germany with a penchant for photographing subjects that can bite your head off. No, we’re not talking about models and celebrities with attitude here. We’re talking lions, tigers, and rhinos. As Dorothy famously said to the tin man… “Oh MY!”

According to Özkan, he’s always been into things that crawl, chirp, growl, and purr, and it wasn’t long after he began taking shooting studio portraits for a living that he decided to put together a compact lighting kit and try his luck outside of the comforts and convenience of his studio. Özkan Ozmen’s personal project ultimately took him on a multi-continent journey in which he’s captured wonderful portraits of the sort of wildlife most of us only see in zoo and safari parks, though seldom as in-your-face.

Özkan understood the logistics – not to mention danger involved in trying to capture tight portraits of wild animals using lights. Still and all, rather than being technically boxed in by the harsh ambient lighting conditions common to shooting in the extreme locales he planned on visiting, his goal was to light his subjects and select-focus at wider lens apertures similar to the way he would when shooting portraits in his studio.

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William Gross Magee Goes Underground

William Gross Magee contacted us with details about an exciting project he’s working on. What follows is the text he submitted. We will be featuring him in detail as he gets closer to the completion of this photographic endeavor.

I am doing a research project with the permission from the National Parks Service to duplicate the first underground photos in America. They were done by Charles Waldack in 1866. Waldack burned magnesium to light the cave. To compare and contrast the changes in the cave and photographic technology, I am using the latest in photographic technology including speedlights with wireless control.

Vickie T. Carson, Public Information Officer at Mammoth Cave National Park standing at the end of Giant's Coffin.


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