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Dan Bailey’s Big Adventures

While attending Berklee College of Music, Dan Bailey bought a camera. That was all it took. “I got really enamored with photography and I transitioned my mindset out of trying to get a job in the music business,” he says.

After getting a degree in Music Production and Engineering, he became an assistant editor at a stock agency in Boston for a year, then moved back to his native Colorado to pursue a career shooting. That was 14 years ago in Fort Collins. He has since moved to Alaska, where he’s been based in Anchorage for almost three years. “I’m trying to establish myself as a local photographer but also take advantage of what Alaska offers in terms of its photographic opportunities,” he explains.

BIK AK 1665

©Dan Bailey


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Brad Trent, Ocean Master

Brad Trent published Part One of a two part post on Strobist. Trent chronicles a recent shoot he did of singer-songwriter Nadia Ackerman for her new album. Ackerman had an idea for the cover shot, which tied into the title of the album, The Ocean Master. Her idea was to be photographed floating in water. The only problem was Ackerman’s record label, management, and anyone else you can imagine with a stake in her career success provided zero budget.

Location fees and insurance liability issues prevented shooting at any indoor pool in New York. Since it was winter, they couldn’t do it in a river in the Atlantic Ocean. Trent is a pro, and his can-do attitude doesn’t fail him on this shoot.

©Brad Trent

Be sure to read the post and the 23 photos which illustrate it for all the details of this multiple set-up shoot. Behind the scenes photos also show Trent rocking a few PocketWizard Plus II units. Can’t wait for Part Two!

See more of Brad Trent’s innovative work at his site. Follow him on Twitter for frequent updates.

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Adam Richins’ New Kind of Underwater Work

It’s no surprise PocketWizards are not meant to be used underwater. Photographer Daniel Houghton recently defied the odds by using a PocketWizard Plus II underwater. This is not recommended under any circumstances by PocketWizard, but Pocono Record photographer Adam Richins has found a unique workaround to get some underwater shots while utilizing his PocketWizard gear.

Assigned to shoot a swim meet, his employer didn’t have the budget to buy an underwater housing for his Nikon, so Richins got inventive. Borrowing a fish tank from a colleague, he floated it in the water, and shot through the tank’s glass while lying at the side of the pool. Simple, but genius.

Don’t forget, PocketWizard makes no provisions for units which get wet. Be careful with your gear!

Click here to see a gallery of the images Richins shot, including one of the fish tank setup. Click here for the full article authored by Richins and detailing all his gear and how he put the shots together.

See more of Richins’ work on his site. You can follow him on Twitter and on his blog.

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Patrick Hall and His Fstoppers

Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographer Patrick Hall teamed up with his friend Lee Morris in 2009 to create the photography resource Fstoppers.com. The site has become an online destination showcasing behind the scenes videos of professional photographers at work. Originally primarily a site known for high quality videos, it has branched out to include written articles by guest photographers, and is worth the time of anyone interested in the art and practice of photography.

©Patrick Hall


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Daniel Houghton in the Water

Bowling Green, Kentucky photographer Daniel Houghton recently posted about something we don’t recommend. He was able to use PocketWizard Plus II units to fire his Profoto heads underwater. Yes. Underwater.

Back in October he photographed open-water marathoner Mallory Meade. After shooting Meade from a boat as she swam in a lake, they moved the photo shoot to an Olympic-sized pool. Houghton got underwater and was able to fire his Profoto heads with his PocketWizards submerged.

PocketWizard radios utilize a high frequency radio signal transmitted on at a very low power, which work great when the radios are transmitting through air. Unfortunately, the requirements for a reliable system underwater is the exact opposite of this. You’d need a very high powered, low-frequency transmitter to get any sort of reliable range (think military submarine or whales). In the limited testing we’ve attempted with our radios underwater, your triggering distance would most likely be measured in inches or centimeters instead of meters or feet. PocketWizard does not recommend submerging your equipment in water of any kind.

Be sure to read the full post here, along with the rest of Houghton’s work.

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Keith Pytlinski’s Harley Shoot

One of our favorite shooters, Keith Pytlinski, is still in the game, and still getting innovative photographic results. His Southern California-based M5photography continues to bring exciting sports photography to clients and viewers everywhere.

Pytlinski’s latest shoot involves a Harley Davidson, a Canon 7D, and a variety of PocketWizards. He employed MiniTT1 units, FlexTT5 units, and Plus II units to get some great-looking images with remote triggering. A handy Magic Arm was employed to get some compositions and angles you don’t see every day.

Pytlinski has also gone to great lengths to more fully test his MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units. The results can be read at his new post entitled “Remote Flash and a New Mountain Bike Shoot.” The story features some great shots and serious details about technical setups with his strobes, camera, and PocketWizard gear. Nice one, Keith!

Be sure to check out M5photography’s site for more great work.

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Ella Manor’s Power House

One of our peeps got a note from a fellow Vimeo user sharing this video.

Ella Manor has posted Power House, a short fashion film. Some beautiful still images and video can be seen, particularly toward the end of the piece.

The moody, atmospheric project also has an accompanying Making of Power House, in which the PocketWizard Plus II can be seen multiple times. The popular and creative tools from Lensbaby were also key in the production’s final results.

Be sure to check out both videos, and see her site for more original portrait photography.

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LPA Design Files Patent Infringement Claim Against Chinese Manufacturer

So. Burlington, VT – January 11, 2011 – LPA Design has filed a complaint for patent infringement in the United States District Court for the District of Vermont against Phottix (HK) Ltd. and Eternal Fortune (HK) Ltd., alleging that the Phottix Atlas wireless flash trigger produced in China infringes upon two patents held by LPA Design. The Vermont-based company, incorporated as Lab Partner Associates, Inc., is the manufacturer of the industry-leading PocketWizard® line of high precision wireless control devices for the professional photography market, including the popular PocketWizard Plus II®.

The PocketWizard technology allows professional photographers to control complex lighting systems remotely from the body of a camera. It is particularly useful in studio, sports and event photography, and has become the industry standard as a result of sustained research and development conducted in Vermont.

“LPA was an early and ground-breaking contributor to the technology and market for professional quality wireless flash triggers,” said Tim Neiley, CEO and President of LPA.

“LPA has worked hard to bring its patented technologies to market through constant innovation and improvement always with a view to the needs of the professional photographer. This lawsuit is necessary to protect our investment in innovation.”

LPA Design holds patents in the United States and throughout the world covering its proprietary wireless triggering technology. The patents in the lawsuit cover technology in radio communications between wireless trigger devices and the innovative auto-switching transceiver introduced for the first time in the PocketWizard Plus II wireless trigger.

The patents LPA Design is asserting include:
United States Patent No. 5,359,375 issued for an invention entitled “Microprocessor Programmable Digital Remote Radio Photographic Control.”

United States Patent No. 7,437,063 issued for an invention entitled “Wireless Camera Flash Synchronizer System and Method.”

Founded in 1990 as an electronics R&D consulting company, LPA Design has expertise in printed circuit board design, RF communications and antenna optimization, and remote sensors. Among other innovations, LPA Design developed the industry leading

PocketWizard line of high precision wireless control devices for the professional photography market. PocketWizard products provide ultra-high precision, wireless synchronization of cameras, flash lighting, and light meters, allowing professional photographers to create unparalleled photographs and achieve unmatched reliability in capturing high value images.

LPA Design is represented by Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC in Burlington, Vermont.

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Video: Fstoppers Nikon PocketWizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1, and AC3 Review

The boys at Fstoppers published a post entitled “Fstoppers Nikon PocketWizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1, and AC3 Review.”

Using beta units, the team put the new gear through all the usual Fstopper paces. A substantial video is included in the post, and plenty of sample photographs. Calling the technology “the best out there,” they cite the auto TTL feature as a standout, and praise LPA for not rendering the Plus II model obsolete.

We’re really impressed with the inclusion of two completely different photo shoots done under different lighting conditions. The writing is detailed, and definitely worth reading. Don’t forget to scroll down for the 13 flash dunk! Be sure to check it all out here. Oh, yeah. And the Comments section has absolutely exploded!

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fotoprofil MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 Review

The excellent fotoprofil site has a great review (in English) of the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and the FlexTT5. We love the product breakdown and the detail the piece gets into, including a brief history of off-camera flash. Very informative, indeed.

The review also covers integration of Plus II and MultiMAX units. One of our favorite lines: “The PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Nikon seems to be the best thing invented for photographers since sliced bread.”

Thanks for the kind words, fotoprofil!

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