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MiniTT1 & FlexTT5 now TTL compatible with Nikon D750 & SB500 as well as the Canon 7D Mark II

Crop of D750_7D MK II

Photo taken outside our office during one of many snowstorms we’ve had in Vermont this winter. Photo © Heather Simons

Latest TTL firmware update further expands extensive list of compatible cameras

So. Burlington, VTFebruary 20, 2015 – LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard Photo Products, the world leader in wireless control of cameras, flash lighting and flash power control with Sekonic light meters, announces today a new update to its ControlTL firmware for both Nikon and Canon versions of its MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radios. Firmware version 3.800 for Nikon includes compatibility with the recently released D750. Additionally, firmware version 6.800 for Canon now provides TTL compatibility with the Canon 7D Mk II. Any current owner of the ControlTL system can easily install this version via USB and update for free using the PocketWizard Utility. PocketWizard Utility version 1.54 or later is required before installing this update.

“This firmware release makes us compatible with most current Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. Once we receive our pre-ordered Canon 5DS and 5DS R, our Engineers are geared up to get a firmware update out for these cameras as fast as possible,” said Heather Ambrose, Marketing Director at LPA Design, the company that manufacturers PocketWizard Photo Products.

For more information on how to update PocketWizard products via USB connection and to view current release notes for Nikon firmware update version 3.8 and Canon firmware version 6.8 visit: http://www.pocketwizard.com/support/downloads/

For a complete compatibility list, please visit:


About PocketWizard

Incorporating the latest radio technology, PocketWizard radio triggers exceed the demands of the professional and serious amateur photographer with durability, ease of use, advanced capabilities and legendary reliability.  PocketWizard products, including the PlusX, Plus® III, Plus® II, MiniTT1® and FlexTT5® are made by LPA Design, based in South Burlington, Vermont and sold by distributors around the world including the MAC Group in the USA.



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What’s up Pussycat? Özkan Özmen goes on a Portrait Safari

IMG_1918 (1)

Özkan Özmen at work

Özkan Özmen is a portrait photographer based in Frankfurt Germany with a penchant for photographing subjects that can bite your head off. No, we’re not talking about models and celebrities with attitude here. We’re talking lions, tigers, and rhinos. As Dorothy famously said to the tin man… “Oh MY!”

According to Özkan, he’s always been into things that crawl, chirp, growl, and purr, and it wasn’t long after he began taking shooting studio portraits for a living that he decided to put together a compact lighting kit and try his luck outside of the comforts and convenience of his studio. Özkan Ozmen’s personal project ultimately took him on a multi-continent journey in which he’s captured wonderful portraits of the sort of wildlife most of us only see in zoo and safari parks, though seldom as in-your-face.

Özkan understood the logistics – not to mention danger involved in trying to capture tight portraits of wild animals using lights. Still and all, rather than being technically boxed in by the harsh ambient lighting conditions common to shooting in the extreme locales he planned on visiting, his goal was to light his subjects and select-focus at wider lens apertures similar to the way he would when shooting portraits in his studio.

IMG_0083 (4)


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BTS: Brandon Lyon & Pentatonix

Hello, my name is Brandon Lyon, I am a commercial portrait and fashion photographer. I work out of Dallas, Texas and I am excited to write my first article for the PocketWizard Blog. I grew up as an only child so I mostly lived inside my imagination, creating stories and characters to entertain me. I also really enjoyed reading. I craved the feeling of falling into a book for hours on end and losing yourself to a different time and place. We didn’t travel much so this was how I got away. I particularly loved science fiction and fantasy. The world was what you wanted it to be, and the rules could be different.

I wanted to share a recent project I shot for the musical group Pentatonix. They are an a cappella group of five vocalists that gained success after winning season three of NBC’s The Sing-Off and are currently dominating YouTube and the world with their fresh and unique arrangements of mainstream music from pop to hip-hop and electronic music.

Photo: © Brandon Lyon

Photo: © Brandon Lyon


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Making Waves, November 15th, 2013


After a little “vacation” our Making Waves weekly round-up is back.  Here are a few recent posts that we have come across that feature PocketWizard products.


UK based, Jayce Clarke Photo School captures up to 1/2000th easily with the PocketWizard Plus III on the streets in one of their recent blog posts.

Photo: © Jayce Clark Photography

Photo: © Jayce Clarke Photography


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REBATE: $25 back on MiniTT1 / FlexTT5 for Nikon

We’re excited to announce a special rebate offer for PocketWizard customers in the United States. Purchase a MiniTT1® and/or FlexTT5® radio for Nikon from October 27, 2011 to Novemeber 30, 2011 and receive $25 as a mail-in rebate for each unit. This is a limited time offer in the USA only.

Purchases must be made and delivered in the USA from an authorized PocketWizard dealer. Please see rebate form for all terms and conditions.

Click here for full details. Download $25 Rebate Form here.

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Dan Bailey’s Big Adventures

While attending Berklee College of Music, Dan Bailey bought a camera. That was all it took. “I got really enamored with photography and I transitioned my mindset out of trying to get a job in the music business,” he says.

After getting a degree in Music Production and Engineering, he became an assistant editor at a stock agency in Boston for a year, then moved back to his native Colorado to pursue a career shooting. That was 14 years ago in Fort Collins. He has since moved to Alaska, where he’s been based in Anchorage for almost three years. “I’m trying to establish myself as a local photographer but also take advantage of what Alaska offers in terms of its photographic opportunities,” he explains.

BIK AK 1665

©Dan Bailey


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LPA has Gone to the Dogs

LPA Design, where PocketWizards are designed and built, is a dog-friendly office. On any given day there are anywhere from two to five of Man’s Best Friend wandering about. We don’t ask much of these dogs, just the usual “let me scratch your head” or “chase the ball” but after a recent studio portrait session for the staff, we put the dogs to work as models.

Louie photographed by Dave Schmidt at PocketWizard Studio, ©LPA Design, 2011.


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LPA Design’s New Home

For years, the team of developers and engineers at LPA Design, the company behind the PocketWizard brand of photo products, lived in a growing maze of offices on the second floor of a small strip mall. The sound of doors banging shut as people moved about was continuous. This was not a space outsiders were invited to and the few who did visit over the years were left mostly with a memory of the smell of the sandwich shop below. It was time for a move.

LPA’s new home in South Burlington, Vermont.


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Timothy Armes’ Invisible Bike

Photographers write us often with details about their use of PocketWizard units on specific photo shoots. We love to share their experience, particularly when the results are this exciting. Timothy Armes has reached out and pointed us to a blog post with full details of how he achieved the below image.

Armes wrote us to say he used PocketWizard triggers and ControlTL technology “extensively with Canon.” At the end of last year, he switched to Nikon cameras. He also replaced his Canon PocketWizard units with Nikon-compatible PocketWizard radio triggers. “Being able to mix studio strobes with speedlights is great,” he writes.

Profoto AcuteB strobes were used for key light and a Nikon SB900 for the rim light, as outlined in his blog post. Check it out for an educational and inspiring bit of photographic know-how.

You can see more of Timothy Armes’ photography on his site and his Flickr account. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Three Shooters, One Brand of Radio Trigger

Zack Arias and Joey L. shoot it out at the GPP 2011.

Last year’s shootout with Joey L., Zack Arias and David Hobby generated a tremendous amount of PR, and everyone was curious how Joey L. was going to top his performance. Would he be equally or even more outrageous this year? Would there be surprises? Would he shoot it seriously? Who would the audience choose as winner? Watch the video to find out the answers to these and other questions.

What really makes this video worth watching is portrait great Gregory Heisler jumping into the mix, which ramps up the competition into a three-way race. All shooters relied on PocketWizard technology to make their shots happen in the brief time they were permitted in front of a live audience.

After this year’s shoot, Arias wrote a blog post about his thought process. Check it out for greater insight to the entire event.


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