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The New Technology Alliance between Bowens, PocketWizard, and Sekonic

It’s a beautiful thing when children play together nicely in the playground. Same can be said for photographic gear manufactured by different companies that are ‘guaranteed’ to work flawlessly together when you’re out on assignment. If you shoot for a living you’re well aware how persnickety mixed dancing between photo gear of mixed lineage can be, even when the company’s website and sales rep says otherwise.


The Technology Alliance, a photo industry consortium consisting of Bowens, PocketWizard, and Sekonic, is out to put an end to all this nonsense. In it’s first official act it has announced that as of May 2014, select Bowens monolights, Sekonic flash meters, and PocketWizard remote triggering devices will, moving forth, speak the same language and perform as advertised on the job. They will play together nicely in the playground too. This launch is focused on the USA and applies to radio units and modules that are FCC-licensed in the USA.

By incorporating PocketWizard Bowens GEM Receiver modules which insert into Bowen’s Gemini-series 500R, 500Pro, 750Pro, 1000Pro and 1500Pro-series of monolights (As of May 2014), Bowens has joined the ranks of other lighting manufacturers (Profoto, Dynalite, Photogenic, & Norman) who have also chosen PocketWizard as their wireless triggering system of choice.801-131_Front_34

The PocketWizard Bowens GEM Receiver modules used in Bowens Gemini monolights is thoroughly compatible with all existing PocketWizard transmitters. When used with a PocketWizard Plus III or MultiMAX all 32 channels and QuadZones can be accessed. When using PocketWizard PlusX, remote triggering is limited to channels 1 through 10. PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units can also trigger and select zones when used with Bowens new PocketWizard-equipped Gemini monolights.

In addition to the latest versions of Bowens 500R, 500Pro, 750Pro, 1000Pro, and 1500Pro monolights, all existing PocketWizard remote triggering devices will work fluently within the system as will Sekonic’s L-478DR and L-758DR flash meters. Earlier Sekonic meters can also be used by syncing to any PocketWizard transmitter or transceiver, which are available separately.

To mark the occasion and lend a smatter of branding into the mix, a special edition PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver in “Bowens’ accent yellow” is now available, and they are the same price as the existing black Plus III Transceivers.

To celebrate the “technology Alliance”, Bowens has launched a promotion where purchasers of Bowens Gemini R or Pro monilights or kits can get one free BowensGEM Module per monolight until June 30, 2014. Details here. PocketWizard-manufactured BowensGEM Radio Modules will be available in the USA at authorized dealers starting on or around May 21, 2014.



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PocketWizard Online Rebate (US Only) May – June

Get your favorite radio triggers for less with PocketWizard’s new Online Rebate Program. Between May 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014, purchase one or more NEW PocketWizard wireless flash and camera triggers and receive money back.

Get $10 Off your purchase of PlusX

Get $15 off your purchase of Plus III

Get $25 Off your Purchase of MiniTT1 or FlexTT5

How it Works Purchase one or more of the items above from your local PocketWizard dealer in the United States. Receive your online rebate by visiting www.rapid-rebates.com/macgroup. Fill in your required information along with a picture or scan of your bill of sale dated within the range of this rebate, effective from May 1 to June 30. You will receive a pre-paid VISA card in the amount of the offered rebate.

All rebates must be entered by July 15, 2014.

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