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Philipp Schmidli’s Kayak Adventure

When we last checked in with Philipp Schmidli, he was creating inventive remotely-camera photos of bobsleighs in action. Now he’s traded ice for water, and has some great images from a kayak shoot done this summer.

©Philipp Schmidli


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Donald Miralle’s View From Above

Photographer Donald Miralle blogged about an assignment for ESPN the Magazine. For a special Photo Issue, Miralle shot the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships at Penn State.

Miralle has achieved some beautiful images with his atypical camera angle. In the below photo, we see the emotion of both the winning Ohio State Buckeyes in celebration on the left and the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos walking away dejectedly on the right.

©Donald Miralle for ESPN the Magazine.

In a brief but comprehensive listing, Miralle reports he shot the scene with a Profoto Pro-7b with a Profoto Magnum Reflector and 10 degree grid spot positioned over the net. A second Pro-7b was positioned in the stands. He used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the PocketWizard FlexTT5. The PocketWizard technology allowed him to get his shots at an incredible 1/1000th of a second.

“If you haven’t got one of these yet, go out and do it. You won’t have to use a leaf shutter again to freeze action with strobes,” Miralle writes.

Be sure to check out some really fine photography on his site. His blog is worth viewing, too. Miralle is a talent worth following, and we’re excited to see his future work.

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Making the Perfect Kayak Action Shot

We love learning about inventive ways photographers put PocketWizard gear to the test. See the Red Bull Illume video below to learn how Vitek Ludvik photographed Olympic kayaker Vavra Hradilek in action.

Ludvik mounted an Olympus E3 to the bow of a kayak using foam and duct tape. PocketWizard Plus II units were used to remotely trigger the camera as Hradilek pushed against the current in some driving water.

Now that’s an inventive way to get some compelling sports photography. If you have any unique ways you’re using PocketWizard radio triggers, feel free to let us know. You might have us asking your permission to share your story with our many readers.

Don’t forget, PocketWizard does not recommend exposing your PocketWizard gear to water. Doing so will void the warranty. PocketWizard units themselves are not waterproof. Please be careful with your investment.

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The Royal Wedding and PocketWizards

Just a tidbit today. Looks like this morning’s royal wedding was going to be covered by PocketWizard units doing remote camera triggering duty, according to Phil Noble, who wrote a Reuters blog post covering the gear to be used.

PocketWizard MultiMAX units as part of the Reuters team covering the royal wedding. ©Reuters

Noble reports, “Many of these will be fired remotely using pocket wizard [sic] wireless triggers and will shoot using wider lenses to give an overview of the pomp and ceremony as the day goes on freeing us to concentrate on the more important tighter pictures….”

Can’t wait to see the images, Phil! Thanks for showing the world how hard you and your team work. Cheers!

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Jim Young’s Hockey Night in Washington

The White House recently hosted a ceremony for the Chicago Black Hawks as 2010 Stanley Cup Champions. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program promoting exercise and health for America’s youth was also tied in, with a street hockey game for kids.

©Jim Young for Reuters

Photographer Jim Young, who grew up in Canada, is no stranger to hockey, and wanted to shoot the event for Reuters with some unique remote camera triggering action. Check out his recent post on the Reuters site to see the plastic container he fabricated to protect his Canon EOS 5D Mark II and PocketWizard MultiMAX from all the hockey action.

Nice job, Jim!

©Jim Young for Reuters

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Reuters and the Slam Dunk

Click on the Reuters logo to visit the story at their site.

Reuters has published “Shooting the perfect dunk,” which is a showcase of some great remote camera triggering. The story by Lucy Nicholson has great photos of the NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, where players got to showcase their flashiest dunking skills.

PocketWizards were used to remotely fire a camera in the rafters and another courtside. Check out the full story for frozen motion and great angles!

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Philipp Schmidli’s Remote Bobsleigh Shoot

Bobsleigh (or bobsled) is a winter sport where teams of two or four individuals achieve speeds over eighty miles per hour as they shoot down an ice track in a vehicle made of light metal. With these speeding bullets flying in tight confines, sports photography of this kind is difficult, at best.

©Philipp Schmidli

Photographer Philipp Schmidli wrote us about some great new shots he recently got and posted on his German-language blog. He relates the following information about the above photo.

“I took this picture with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 15mm Fisheye Lens and 1x PocketWizard MultiMAX. The PocketWizard was in the “Intervalometer” function, because the range between the start line and the finish line was too large.”

Schmidli experimented with cameras mounted on the sides of the track and strapped to the bobsleigh itself. Glad you had all that gear firmly secured! Quite exciting, Philipp. We also really love the portrait work found on his site. Worth checking out!

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Vernon Bryant Goes Maverick

Vernon Bryant was shooting a Lakers vs. Mavericks game recently, and decided to try some interesting remote camera triggering. With a Magic Arm, a reflection-blocking mask, and a PocketWizard, Bryant mounted the entire assembly on the back side of an official NBA backboard. Firing two cameras simultaneously, he was able to get two very different angles of a professional basketball game at the same time. Check out his story on the Dallas News site, where he provides behind the scenes photos, plus examples of photos capturing the same instance from different angles.

Nice work, Vernon!

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Mike Nowak On the Field and Off

A childhood love of playing sports has been parlayed into a photographic career by Mike Nowak in Southern California. At high school in east San Diego, his love of playing sports was augmented by helping to document those sports. As he got involved with each new athletic endeavor, he would spend some time photographing it, starting with body boarding and surfing. His other major interest was college football at San Diego State. While shooting the players, he learned some portraiture techniques, worked with some other photographers, and began developing his own style.

©Mike Nowak


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Remote Cameras via PocketWizards

The Globe and Mail recently published a story by Kevin Van Paassen about remote camera triggering. Paassen gives a concise checklist of things you should keep in mind. They include safety issues, composing your framing beforehand, setting exposures, and setting the focus, among other things.

Check out the article for some great images and captions of how they were taken with remotely-fired cameras, and see what you can achieve with PocketWizards and a craftily-placed second camera. Informative piece, Globe and Mail. Great to see you share with your readers how your photographers are getting those great shots!

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