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Photo.net PocketWizard Plus III Review

photo.netJeff Spirer has written an in-depth review of the PocketWizard Plus III on photo.net. This substantial review includes sections on setup, features, batteries, applications, use, and a summary.

Some of our favorite, cherry-picked quotes include, “the PocketWizard Plus III is incredibly easy to use,” “everything works,” and this gem, “If you are going to need a remote camera, this is no-brainer, it’s a great solution for sports and nature shooters. It has great range, up to 500 meters, and multiple cameras can be easily controlled. A flash can be controlled from the receiving camera as well.”

Spirer summarizes, in part,

My testing showed these to be easy to use and full featured radio slaves. They work exactly as they are supposed to and will be a terrific addition for the photographer who needs them, and they are less expensive than their predecessors. For multiple camera setups they are invaluable, and for complex flash setups, they fill the bill.

The entire review is worth a read. It contains many photos Spirer took while testing the Plus III units. A San Fancisco-based photographer, you can see Spirer’s photography at his site.

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Damien Lovegrove’s Speedlight Kits

Damien Lovegrove has a great post on his blog, ProPhotoNut entitled “Speedlight kit overview and preparation.” He posts two drool-worthy shots of all his PocketWizard gear, which he’s handily labeled to avoid any unnecessary switching.

©Damien Lovegrove at www.prophotonut.com

A shooter of both Nikon and Canon, Lovegrove discusses his use of the AC3, the FlexTT5 and the MiniTT1 in conjunction with flash gear from the two camera manufacturers. He breaks down the kits into their respective compatibilities, and explains why and how he uses each piece of gear.

A really informative post, with lots of tips other shooters will find useful, this one is not unique to the ProPhotoNut blog. Lovegrove also has some examples of his fine photography. Keep up the great work, Damien!

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Dealer Reviews of the PocketWizard Plus III

B&H review of PocketWizard Plus IIISam Mallery of B&H has posted a hands-on review of the PocketWizard Plus® III radio trigger. The piece is a great overview, highlighting all the exciting new features of the latest addition to the PocketWizard family.

Grant Willing also wrote another hands-on review of the Plus III for the B&H site. This piece is a little more technical, with a breakdown of the increased channels to the Long Range and Repeater Modes.

Both reviews feature a handy table listing specs on everything from the display to battery life to weight. These two pieces are superb overviews for folks looking to get familiar with all the Plus III has to offer photographers new to radio triggers and pros with years of experience.

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Joe McNally’s PocketWizard Plus® III Review

Joe McNally BlogPhotographer Joe McNally posted his thoughts on the new PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers. Detailing a test shoot he did with a car able to achieve speeds of 280 miles per hour, McNally mounted cameras and Plus III units outside the vehicle.

He also extended the signal by placing two units down the track in RP, or Repeater Mode. This effectively allowed him to control the cameras from a great distance away as the vehicle raced across the desert floor. McNally estimates his furthest repeater unit was set up approximately 800 feet away. He writes:

“The PW [Plus] IIIs I had performed like a champ, even though they are not production line units, and they all were short of final firmware, which might have affected their working distance.”


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Strobist’s PocketWizard Plus III Review

StrobistThe off-camera lighting resource Strobist has weighed in with a thorough review on the new PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers.

In the piece, David Hobby writes about his long desire to see just such a product from PocketWizard. He covers many of the new features which make up the Plus III, including the 32 channels, redesigned antenna, and a breakdown of the modes.

Strobist also put a few PocketWizard Plus III units to work on test shoots outdoors. At a field complex, Hobby set up an AB800, walked over 1000 feet away, and began shooting. At over three football fields distant, he had “zero misfires. This thing is scary robust,” Hobby writes.

This would not be a Strobist post without the wit and prognostications Hobby is known for. In closing, he writes, “…the reality is, the PocketWizard Plus III is a game changer which will be very disruptive even to the second-tier remote markets. Their loss, our gain.”

Thanks for the testing and your continued efforts, David. Shooters everywhere continue to thank you.

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VIDEO: Fstoppers Review of the PocketWizard Plus III

The talented guys at Fstoppers are at it again, and have created a great video of their experience with the new PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers.

Not only does the video break down the important new features of the Plus III, but the guys did a serious amount of testing in a shoot with an athletic model, taking full advantage of the Plus III’s four subgroups to control different lighting rigs.

A second test shoot breaks down the use of Auto Relay Mode, documenting a fashion model being photographed beneath a bridge with multiple lights at various distances.

Fstoppers has put together a great page of resources on the Plus III, including their video, photos from both shoots, a written review, and shots of the triggers themselves. Don’t miss this robust review with real world production demonstrations.

You can also see Fstoppers’ full video on YouTube and Vimeo. Awesome job on this comprehensive resource, guys!

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Photo.net Reviews FlexTT5 and MiniTT1

Jeff Spirer has published a review on photo.net of the PocketWizard FlexTT5 and MiniTT1. Spirer tested the units indoors and out, including in full daylight, with a Canon system.

Click image for link to photo.net story by Jeff Spirer.

When summarizing his testing experience, Spirer writes, “What can I say about the FlexTT5/MiniTT1 combination that summarizes my experience? It just works.” Be sure to read the full review here. Thanks, Jeff!

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Neil van Neikerk Reviews the AC3 ZoneController

Educator and photographer Neil van Neikerk recently posted a review of his initial experiments with the PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController.


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T. Michael Testi’s Detailed Review, Part 3

At long last, we have the final installment of T. Michael Testi’s marathon review of the PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5, AC3 and AC9 units all for Canon cameras. The first part was a general overview of the products and their capabilities. The second part was a detailed look at the seldom-covered AC3 and AC9 units.

In Part 3, Testi tests his PocketWizard gear at a Gary Thomas Extreme Lighting Workshop to chronicle the Outwest Outlaw Roller Derby team. The venue has spotty lighting at best, and even appears to have unfinished walls. Testi mentions dialing strobe power up or down with his AC3 in several shooting scenarios without completely halting his workflow. He shoots both sports action and more posed portrait work during this workshop.

Testi ends his three part review with the following two paragraphs. They follow in their entirety.

Again and again, I am amazed at the reliability and quality of all of these pieces and how well they work together in any situation. I also love the HyperSync ability that comes with the ControlTL system. This is what allows you to shoot at faster speeds than your camera would normally allow — all the way to 1/8000 second with full power flash. It allows you to capture more creative shots than you can with regular flash.

I also like the fact that everything just works together. There are no cords and no Velcro — just the FlexTT5 and the Speedlite. The ability for the system to work seamlessly with the Alien Bees and the flash unit made this a joy to work with. If you want the ultimate in the ability to control your flash and strobes from right on your camera, then I very highly recommend you add the AC3 and the AC9 to your MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units.

Thanks for the details, T. Keep up the great work!

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T. Michael Testi’s Detailed Review, Part 2

T. Michael Testi has published Part 2 of his review of PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5, AC3, and AC9 For Canon. Previously, the PocketWizard blog informed readers about Part 1. Part 2 goes into detail on how the AC3 and the AC9 work with the MiniTT1 and the FlexTT5.

In Part 1, Testi didn’t get into the AC9. In Part 2, he explains how the unit controls Alien Bee strobes and can regulate how much power the strobe fires with. He praises it’s small size, and that via the FlexTT5, you can dim modeling lights and control the sleep mode.

Testi writes, “Once again, I continue to be amazed at the reliability and quality of these all of these pieces and how well they work together.” He continues with, “…if you want the ultimate in the ability to control your flash and strobes from right on your camera, then I very highly recommend you add the AC3 and the AC9 to your MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units.”

In the forthcoming Part 3, Testi promises to take his PocketWizard units to “uncontrolled situations,” such as a Gary Thomas Extreme Lighting Workshop. We look forward to the last installment in this detailed series.

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