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VIDEO: Remote camera tips from Sports Shooter Academy

Our very own Ian Ray was on hand at Sports Shooter Academy IX this past April to help participating photographers get the most out of their PocketWizard radios. In this video, he shares three tips to help you maximize your radios’ performance for remote camera triggering.

  1. Get on up. The ground can absorb a lot of your radio signal. If you’re using remote cameras that are placed directly on the field, consider mounting your PocketWizard higher up on a fence or pole.
  2. Loooooong range. If you’re using a Plus® III or MultiMAX®, setting your radio trigger to long range mode can double your operating range.
  3. Make contact. If you’re using a MultiMAX, you can extend the contact time (the time the trigger keeps the electrical contact closed) to allow your motor drive to run longer. Ian recommends using 0.3 seconds, depending on your camera.

Like these tips? Consider signing up for their next workshop!


All videos and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Sports Shooter Academy, all rights reserved; story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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VIDEO: Will Crockett gives the Plus III an 8.4 on the Will-o-meter

In this detailed review of the PocketWizard Plus III by Will Crockett, Will subjects the Plus III to some rigorous testing, and it comes away looking just fine.

In the video, Will takes the Plus III units to a place where many other radio triggers have failed—Chicago’s Lower Michigan Avenue. Not only is this a challenging urban environment, but it is right next to the Tribune News, WGN Radio, and two television stations. It would be tough to a location with more radio interference than that. To complicate matters, Will really spreads his strobes out, placing one 150 feet away. Despite his best efforts, Will experienced zero triggering failures out of the 268 shots he fired, leading him to say, “that tells me it works like a champ.”


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VIDEO: Bryan Peterson Mixing Flash with Ambient Light at Dusk

Bryan Peterson has released another instructional video as part of his You Keep Shooting series for AdoramaTV.

The light at dusk can be beautifully soft and warm but in order to take a portrait in this kind of light, you’ll have to choose between a beautiful background and properly exposed subject. In this episode, Bryan demonstrates how to use flash to preserve the ambient light, while getting a well exposed subject.

He sets up his camera on a tripod and meters for the ambient light. Using a PocketWizard radio trigger, he holds his speedlight (warm gel attached), off to the side, and triggers his camera just as his model jumps into the frame.

Watch the video above and see more from the entire series. Information on Bryan’s school can be found here.


All video and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Bryan Peterson, all rights reserved; story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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VIDEO: Moshe Zusman on Perfect Light

The talented and always-wonderful Moshe Zusman recently gave a lecture at B&H’s Event Space, demonstrating how to get perfect wedding shots, no matter what kind of lights you have or your location.

In order to get well-lit, white balanced subjects, Moshe recommends setting up a number of color-balancing gelled strobes that compliment the location’s lighting, high on light stands above the room. His assistants, he says, can set this up in six minutes.


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VIDEO: Bob Carey’s Tutu Project Self-Portraits

We’re very happy to share our short film featuring Bob Carey and the Tutu Project. This past year the Tutu Project has been featured in segments on CNN, The Today Show, Inside Edition, and countless other major media outlets. Few professional photographers have enjoyed the level of mainstream exposure Carey’s work has received.

A commercial photographer from Arizona with decades of experience, Carey’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. A self-portrait enthusiast who had previously transformed himself in several series of artistic images, Carey eventually began photographing himself in a pink tutu. Linda shared the images with her fellow patients while they were receiving treatment. Soon the Tutu Project was born, and all proceeds go to the Carey Foundation, which provides transportation, meals, and other daily needs to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Images from the Tutu Project have been collected in the book Ballerina, published September, 2012.

Carey uses PocketWizard Plus III radios to execute his self-portraits taken on location around the United States. Stay tuned for a feature article on Carey’s career, gear, the Tutu Project, and more to be published on the PocketWizard blog.

Images and prints from the Tutu Project can be found at the Tutu Project site. Ballerina, other Tutu Project gear, and donation information can be found here. Bob Carey’s photography can be seen at his site. You can also see the video on Vimeo and YouTube.


All images and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Bob Carey, all rights reserved. Video is ©PocketWizard, written and directed by Ron Egatz. Story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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VIDEO: Mission Las Vegas

What happens when you send two young men to Las Vegas with $500 to spend over 24 hours?

When Dave Schmidt, Director of Sales and Marketing at LPA Design, manufacturer of PocketWizard Photo Products, gave Tech Specialists Ian Ray and Chris Valites two tickets to Las Vegas and $500, he told them he needed an image to promote the recently launched Plus III Transceiver. As with any good photo adventure, the behind-the-scenes has its own story to tell. Here’s just a bit of how Ian and Chris brought their images to life as told by Chris Valites:

How do you fit an entire shoot’s worth of gear into the trunk of a Lotus, which would generously be described as “cramped?” We improvised: we grabbed a T3i, a 5D Mark II, a 50mm Canon lens, a 17-40mm Canon L lens, a handful of 430EX IIs, a tripod, a softbox, a monopod, and of course a set of Plus III Transceivers. Half of that equipment ended up sitting on my lap as Ian drove out to the desert.

©2012 Ian Ray and Chris Valites


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Doug Gordon’s Off-Camera Flash

Photographer Doug Gordon has posted an eight minute video showcasing his use of basic off-camera flash. Watch Gordon explore three simple, yet beautiful portrait lighting setups using PocketWizard wireless technology.

Gordon explains and demonstrates the importance of lighting ratios and how PocketWizard radios help him create the light he wants quickly and easily. “Just by being on the PocketWizard,” he says, “I can set and turn down my light to be be two stops under [my main light] from wherever I am.”

Watch the video to learn why PocketWizard radios are Doug’s “newest and most favorite toy in the world.”

See more of Doug’s work and learn about the photography workshops he offers by visiting his site.

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RETV and Monte Isom on the PocketWizard Plus III

We’ve been a fan of Monte Isom for years. His irrepressible attitude is often cited by clients as a reason they keep hiring him. If you’ve got something going on with sports and need it photographed, Isom should be on your radar.

RETV has released a great video of Isom working out with the new PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers. Check it out to see him in Barcelona photographing Guillermo Ochoa over the distance of an entire football field.

Isom also did some other experiments, including exceeding the 500 meter range in the frequency-jammed streets of New York City. He states, “At a pricepoint of $139, I’ll be replacing all fifteen of my PocketWizards.”

When you watch this short video, don’t forget to watch through to the very end to see some great outtakes. You can see Isom’s site for more sports photography goodness.

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VIDEO: Tamara Lackey and the PocketWizard Plus III

As the amount of imaging hardware and software grows exponentially—along with the number of features in both—it’s exciting to see what photographers do with minimal set-ups. Well-known photographer Tamara Lackey recently was shooting in Las Vegas, where she got to work out with the PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers to demonstrate what can be done with a the sun and one speedlight.

Armed with a diminutive gear set-up including a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Canon Speedlight 580EX II, Lackey demonstrates how she uses window light for her main light and a Plus III-controlled 580 acting as her backlight. Explaining different settings and positioning, Lackey controls settings from the Plus III on her camera.

The piece ends with sample photos from the session which detail camera settings so you can see the difference from shot to shot.

See more of Tamara’s work at her photography site, her photography education site, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

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VIDEO: Melody Hood on the PocketWizard Plus III

What do you get when you put Melody Hood of Innamorata Photography in the desert outside of the Hoover Dam, throw in some new PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers on a bridal session?

You get some state of the art portraits at sunset, with seemingly each sporting a unique look and tone in lighting. How does this well-known photographer from Chattanooga, Tennesse augment her talent and tweak lighting on the fly? With Plus III technology, of course.

“They’re incredible—they’re my absolute workhorses,” she says of the latest radio triggers from PocketWizard. “They are amazing and so versatile. They allow me to turn my lights on from wherever I’m at.”

As with the other videos in this series, this one ends with sample photos from the session, including camera settings and all lighting gear used. The video can be seen on Vimeo and YouTube.

Check out the following resources to see more of Hood’s impressive work.

International Commercial & Editorial Photography
Destination & Local Wedding and Portrait Photography
Education and Resources for Photographers

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