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Philipp Schmidli’s Remote Bobsleigh Shoot

Bobsleigh (or bobsled) is a winter sport where teams of two or four individuals achieve speeds over eighty miles per hour as they shoot down an ice track in a vehicle made of light metal. With these speeding bullets flying in tight confines, sports photography of this kind is difficult, at best.

©Philipp Schmidli

Photographer Philipp Schmidli wrote us about some great new shots he recently got and posted on his German-language blog. He relates the following information about the above photo.

“I took this picture with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 15mm Fisheye Lens and 1x PocketWizard MultiMAX. The PocketWizard was in the “Intervalometer” function, because the range between the start line and the finish line was too large.”

Schmidli experimented with cameras mounted on the sides of the track and strapped to the bobsleigh itself. Glad you had all that gear firmly secured! Quite exciting, Philipp. We also really love the portrait work found on his site. Worth checking out!

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