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Brad Trent, Ocean Master

Brad Trent published¬†Part One of a two part post on Strobist. Trent chronicles a recent shoot he did of singer-songwriter Nadia Ackerman for her new album. Ackerman had an idea for the cover shot, which tied into the title of the album, The Ocean Master. Her idea was to be photographed floating in water. The only problem was Ackerman’s record label, management, and anyone else you can imagine with a stake in her career success provided zero budget.

Location fees and insurance liability issues prevented shooting at any indoor pool in New York. Since it was winter, they couldn’t do it in a river in the Atlantic Ocean. Trent is a pro, and his can-do attitude doesn’t fail him on this shoot.

©Brad Trent

Be sure to read the post and the 23 photos which illustrate it for all the details of this multiple set-up shoot. Behind the scenes photos also show Trent rocking a few PocketWizard Plus II units. Can’t wait for Part Two!

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