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Carla Ten Eyck Revisits the 1920s

©Carla Ten Eyck

©Carla Ten Eyck

With Hollywood attempting to successfully translate Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to the silver screen for the fourth time (or fifth, depending on who is counting), everyone from the fashion industry to photographers around the world are revisiting the fashions of the 1920’s.

Carla Ten Eyck lives and works out of her childhood home in Hartford, Connecticut. Frequently publishing in magazines and on the Web, Ten Eyck also teaches photography workshops. She is currently working on a book featuring editorial shoots from all over the world with stylist Beth Chapman and designer Candice Coppola called The White Dress in Color due in the Fall of 2013. Here are her thoughts regarding a recent Gatsby-inspired photo shoot.

After the jump, she describes a recent shoot in her own words.


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