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Joe McNally and Corinne Alavekios “Finish Strong” for Epson

Joe McNally's blog

Award-winning photographer and fine art printmaker Corinne Alavekios was recently chosen by Epson to be featured in their “Finish Strong” ad campaign.

Inspired by the natural beauty and light of the Pacific Northwest where she lives, Alavekios took her shoot out of the studio and into a cold—and deep—river, where Joe McNally was on hand to document the process.

They used a large, soft light source to keep the natural look of the light fired by PocketWizard radios. When you and your crew are chest-deep in water, it’s a pretty good idea to go wireless.

Check out both Joe’s and Corinne’s account of the shoot on their blogs. If you ever wanted to see Joe McNally in waders, now’s your chance!


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