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Curtis Baker On the Road with Dolly Parton

Last year, photographer Curtis Baker found himself with an all-access pass to photograph Dolly Parton at her opening show in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily, he brought along his PocketWizards so he could get two points of view for the price of one photographer!

He writes:

“After the intermission, I took the D700 and a Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 with a Manfrotto Magic Arm and attached it high up to the huge video wall behind the stage. I used a PocketWizard remote trigger and cord to fire off wide angle shots of Dolly facing the crowd. Every time the house lights came on to light the crowd and her hands went up, I would push the little button on my PocketWizard in my shirt pocket, hoping for a magic shot.”

Nice work, Curtis! Read his full account and see more of his music photography (and the PocketWizard shot) at his site.


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