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What Can HyperSync Do for You?

Sebastian Kienle               Donald Miralle                   na                           1/500                       f/4.5

Sebastian Kienle as photographed by Donald Miralle, 1/500th, f/4.5. ©Donald Miralle.

HyperSync® is one of the most revolutionary features for flash photography since the flash bulb. It’s also the least known or understood concept in flash photography despite it being four years since it was first introduced.

Simply put, HyperSync is a feature in our ControlTL® radios that lets you use shutter speeds above the normal x-sync limitations when using studio flash. It is very dependent on the camera and flash models being used but with the right combination of gear you can use shutter speeds all the way to 1/8000th of a second with studio flash!

How is this possible? The ControlTL radios with this feature (MiniTT1, FlexTT5, PowerST4, PowerMC2) are able to advance the timing of the flash triggering so at speeds above x-sync you’re still getting light from the flash to expose the sensor. Normally, if you tried to go above your camera’s x-sync speed with a flash, you would get “clipping” or a black bar across your image. That part of the sensor missed being exposed by the flash because it was exposed prior to the flash firing.


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Donald Miralle and Plus III at the Opening Ceremony

Acclaimed sports photographer Donald Miralle was in the enviable position of covering the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. From day one, he was getting great shots!

Using the PocketWizard Plus® III at the opening ceremony as a remote camera trigger, Donald was able to capture the fireworks going off in the stadium and over London Bridge simultaneously, resulting in two epic photographs. He writes, “You can be in two places at the same time!”

Donald was kind enough to answer some questions regarding his photography and these shots in particular.

How did you get to photograph the Olympics this year?

I shot this Olympics for Newsweek Magazine / Daily Beast, as I have the last two Olympic Games (Vancouver, Beijing) and the prior four games I shot for Getty Images / Allsport (Athens, Torino, Salt Lake, and Sydney) Working for Newsweek is a great assignment ,as they do not require daily coverage nor are they interested in standard action shots, which they can pick up off the wire if need be, but rather more artistic and different angle shots which is right up my alley. They ran a couple stories as well as weekly “Best of Olympics” galleries they ran on Web and in print, so I was really able to focus on making pictures and less on deadlines. That was really nice.


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Donald Miralle’s View From Above

Photographer Donald Miralle blogged about an assignment for ESPN the Magazine. For a special Photo Issue, Miralle shot the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships at Penn State.

Miralle has achieved some beautiful images with his atypical camera angle. In the below photo, we see the emotion of both the winning Ohio State Buckeyes in celebration on the left and the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos walking away dejectedly on the right.

©Donald Miralle for ESPN the Magazine.

In a brief but comprehensive listing, Miralle reports he shot the scene with a Profoto Pro-7b with a Profoto Magnum Reflector and 10 degree grid spot positioned over the net. A second Pro-7b was positioned in the stands. He used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the PocketWizard FlexTT5. The PocketWizard technology allowed him to get his shots at an incredible 1/1000th of a second.

“If you haven’t got one of these yet, go out and do it. You won’t have to use a leaf shutter again to freeze action with strobes,” Miralle writes.

Be sure to check out some really fine photography on his site. His blog is worth viewing, too. Miralle is a talent worth following, and we’re excited to see his future work.

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