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PocketWizard’s Thriving flickr Community

flickrTo date, the PocketWizard group on flickr has over 3,500 members and 27,000 photos. Looking at their group pool, it becomes immediately obvious the PocketWizard radios can go anywhere, do anything, and help create any effect.

Here you can see PocketWizard radio triggers at work on the beach, in the studio, in boxing rings, and on rooftops. Subjects range from babies to beer, from extreme sports to engagement portraits. Lighting styles include ethereal, poppy, dramatic, subtle, and just plain awesome.

The group also has an active discussion page. It’s here members help each other figure out the best and most effective ways to use their PocketWizard radios. Take a look for some inspiration and to post a photo of your own!


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Flickr Tag Cloud for "PocketWizard"

Flickr is a truly amazing photo-sharing site. A friend of ours sent a link to this tool from hivemind that shows the tag cloud for all images on Flickr tagged with “PocketWizard”. 

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