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Webinar: The Easy Four Light Portrait Studio


Few things interrupt a portrait session more than having to stop in the middle of a great flow to add and subtract lights! Join host Joe Brady as he sets up a four light studio that can be controlled right from the top of a camera with the help of PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers.

Do you really need to have four lights available? For some shots, you may only want one light, and then perhaps add a hair-light or reflector. Having multiple lights in position gives you creative control to shape the light on your subject to produce a portrait with the feel, drama, shape and impact you are after.

By creating a standard lighting set for your studio portraits, you save time and keep the flow of the shoot undisturbed as you concentrate on your subject. PocketWizard Plus III’s give you the ability to add and subtract lights instantly without having to go on the set so you can maintain that flow. Join us for this free session and see how easily a four light set can cover just about any portrait lighting need.


Date: Thursday, February 20th
Time: 1pm EST
Title: The Easy Four Light Portrait Studio
Host: Joe Brady
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Studio Portraits with Mirrorless Cameras and Off-Camera Flash Webinar

Bethany Studio OCF-9219

Studio Portraits with Mirrorless Cameras and Off-Camera Flash
Brought to you by PocketWizard and Sekonic

If you thought mirrorless cameras were simply for travel and party snapshots, think again. We’re going to show you how to get truly professional results with this new class of cameras. The surprise (that is no surprise) is great photographs are created with great light and great cameras, especially mirrorless!

Join host Joe Brady during this studio portrait shoot as he shares an essential group of techniques and lighting styles you can use to create your own beautiful portraits.

What you’ll learn:

In this free Webinar, we’ll cover high-key and low-key lighting, posing, camera and light position in 1-, 2- and 3-light setups for maximum beauty with minimal gear.

Taking your flash off your camera is the first step in making “pictures” become “portraits.” PocketWizard radio triggers are the invisible, dependable link between your camera and your flashes, and featured in this Webinar as a key tool for those who want to be a professional photographer.

Controlling light is a skill you can use to distinguish your photography from others vying for the same business. A little knowledge about light goes a long, long way, and using a Sekonic light meter gives you a creative edge.

From start to finish, you will learn how to control and choose light for your subject to create beauty, drama, shape and dimension.

Join Joe Brady as he shows you how to change how you shoot with mirrorless – from “taking” photos to “making” portraits.

Originally shown live 8 August 2013 with host Joe Brady, this Webinar has been archived for viewing.

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Off-Camera Flash with Mirrorless Cameras


Get Professional Quality Portraits Anywhere!

If you thought a top-of-the-line DSLR was necessary for professional-quality portraits, you will be amazed at the incredible results possible with the current offerings available from compact mirrorless cameras. With full manual controls, RAW file capture, and the ability to use industry standard accessories, you can take advantage of the same tools the big DSLRs use to create beautiful images.

Join host Joe Brady as he puts his mirrorless camera to the test by using PocketWizard PlusX radio triggers and a basic light meter to shape light in environmental location portraits.

Do you shoot only using available light because the concept of fill flash with ambient light continues to be both frustrating and inconsistent? If you want to take control of the light and add shape, depth, and dimension to your subject, this presentation is a must see.

Getting your flash off-camera is the first step towards professional quality portraits. See how easy it can be and learn how to make it work for you!

Date: 25 July 2013
Time: 1pm EDT
Title: Off-Camera Flash with Mirrorless Cameras
Presenter: Joe Brady

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To TTL or Not to TTL Webinar

Off-camera flash done two ways. Find out which style might work best for you!


When adding light to your portraits, it’s clear that off-camera flash produces the most natural and beautiful results. The question that remains is how to best control the flash. Should you use your camera’s TTL metering system or is it best to take control and go full manual?

In this video Webinar presented by PocketWizard, guest photographer Rick Sammon joins host Joe Brady as they do an environmental portrait shoot using both methods. Rick is a master at making TTL off-camera flash easy and effective while Joe prefers full manual control for consistency and repeatability.

Which style is best for you?

Join us for this friendly battle between Rick and Joe as they each show their process for controlling off-camera flash for environmental portraits. Take advantage of the live chat as Rick and Joe will take your questions and discuss the features and benefits of each style. You may choose one side or the other, or perhaps even combine both – but whichever way you decide, this will be a fun and informative presentation!

Date: 11 July 2013
Time: 1:00pm EDT
Title: To TTL or Not to TTL?
Presenters: Joe Brady and Rick Sammon
Archived Webinar:

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Easy Off-Camera Flash for Wedding Photography Webinar


Easy Off-Camera Flash for Wedding Photography
featuring special Guest Photographer, Cliff Mautner

Join us for this free Webinar sponsored by PocketWizard as Cliff Mautner shares his powerful and easy-to-follow technique for getting beautiful wedding images with off-camera flash.

Named by American PHOTO Magazine as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, Cliff is also the Nikon corporation’s top international wedding photography spokesperson, and a winner of the Grand Award for Photojournalism from Wedding and Portraits International.

Cliff will share with us how and why he uses the combination of PocketWizard’s MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and AC3 ZoneController to create a portable, off-camera flash system anyone can use. We’ll feature some location shooting and have Cliff live in-studio where he will be available to answer your questions.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to interact with one of the world’s top professional wedding photographers.

Originally broadcast live on 30 May 2013, this Webinar has now been archived.

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The Invisible Second Shooter!


Join host Joe Brady as he shows how you can use multiple cameras to get shots that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to get. During this staged wedding ceremony, Joe will show the gear, setup and techniques to capture images from locations where a photographer wouldn’t be allowed during a ceremony in order to photograph unique points of view that can add extra interest in your wedding photography.

He will also set up a second camera along the center aisle with remote flash units to capture multiple points of view – all being controlled from the single camera in his hands. Didn’t think you could be in two places at once? During this free webinar sponsored by PocketWizard, see how you can add multiple cameras to any location shoot and control them wirelessly from practically anywhere. Turn your extra camera into an invisible second shooter!

Originally broadcast on 16 May 2013, this Webinar has been archived here.

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Setting Up a Remote Camera for Nature Photography with PocketWizard Radio Triggers


You may know that PocketWizard Radio Triggers do a great job of allowing you to get your flash off-camera. What you may not know is that they have other cool uses including the ability to remotely fire cameras. This could be a single camera, multiple cameras or even cameras with remote flashes.

Join host Joe Brady as he explains how to set up a system for remote photography. Joe is a great lover of nature and birds in particular. He’ll explain how he set-up a remote camera in his backyard to capture the beauty of some of the birds that frequent his feeders.

Joe will cover everything including cables, color, focus, metering and all the other tools you will need to use remote triggering to improve your nature photography.

Date: April 25th, 2013
Time: 1pm EDT

This Webinar has been archived here.

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Manual Off-Camera Flash and Remote Camera Control Made Easy


Control Your Lights & Cameras with PocketWizard Plus III and PlusX Radios

PocketWizard radios enable you take your flash off-camera and use it almost anywhere for lighting effects ranging from natural-looking to amazing.

You can also use the Plus III or PlusX to fire remote cameras in sync with remote flashes. If you are not using them now, they should be at the top of your must-have list.

Host Joe Brady will show you how to make best use of the PocketWizard Plus III and new PlusX radio triggers. He’ll demonstrate how they work together with your camera system and various camera and flash techniques to improve the way you shoot pictures. He will even show you new ways to use those old flash units you may have put away.

Join us at this free live broadcast sponsored by PocketWizard and learn how to take control of your camera and lights from anywhere.


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Webinar: Creative Storytelling Portraits with Bobbi Lane

©Bobbi Lane

©Bobbi Lane

Creative Storytelling Portraits with Bobbi Lane
February 21, 2013 at 1:00pm EST

FREE LIVE VIDEO SEMINAR, hosted by Joe Brady
Join us as we present special guest photographer Bobbi Lane in a free Webinar sponsored by PocketWizard. During this event, Lane will create a series of storytelling portraits for a high school senior. The concept of a storytelling portrait can elevate the quality of your photography by adding another dimension, adding impact and making your images more personal.

Starting with concept and inspiration, Bobbi will explain the set and gear she uses to craft the lighting for the correct mood and emphasis of each portrait. Using the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radio triggers gives Bobbi the creative freedom to control her lights from both her camera and her Sekonic Light Meter.

You’ll have a front row seat behind the scenes as Bobbi takes us through her process, from inspiration to setup, and on to final image.

Please note, there is no pre-registration. Simply bookmark and visit this page on February 21, 2013 at 1:00pm EST and enter your E-Mail address, Postal Code and Country below and the live streaming video will begin!

NOTE: This Webinar has been archived, and can be viewed at this page on the PocketWizard site.

View previously archived/on-demand Webinars

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Webinar: PocketWizard and One Speedlight Portrait Wonders with Rick Sammon

Join special guest Rick Sammon and host Joe Brady for an educational online seminar on creating spectacular portraits with just your camera, a single off-camera flash, and a pair of PocketWizard TTL radio triggers. Elite photographer Rick Sammon will be live in-studio to demonstrate his impressive techniques and answer your questions. Join us Tuesday, June 19th, for this free broadcast sponsored by PocketWizard.

Originally shown live, here’s the recorded, archived version of this Webinar, complete with sample photographs.

We hope you enjoyed this very popular Webinar, and look forward to bringing you more. Until then, check out our other archived Webinars.

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