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Joe Morahan Digs Vans

Joe Morahan at Morahan Visuals in Colorado is seriously into time-lapse photography. He recently brought his Canon cameras to bear on a group of Vans footware and some skateboards, putting together this amusing and impressive footage.

What’s so impressive about sneakers getting stitched together? That’s a good question, but as any exceptional craftsman will tell you, the quality is not always indicative of what you see. It’s primarily what doesn’t go wrong which denotes superior skill, strong concept, and gorgeous aesthetic.


©Joe Morahan

As Morahan points out in his behind-the-scenes blog post on the shoot, “PocketWizard just saved me hundreds of dollars.” How did this happen? By not having to physically pause eight cameras after each shot. Remote camera triggering with PocketWizard technology is used extensively in this video. If each camera needed to be physically handled, that would’ve allowed for even minor physical movement of them, and that would’ve forced he and his team to start over again from the beginning.


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