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Jonathan Castillo’s Car Culture

PetaPixel - Car Culture

Jonathan Castillo’s series, Car Culture, is being featured with a behind-the-scenes post over at PetaPixel.

For the project, Jonathan captured candid portraits of people in their cars while waiting at red lights. He writes, “By highlighting the occupants and interiors of vehicles I bring normally private moments into the public space that surrounds the zone of an occupied vehicle. This is an effort to create portraits of an extensive and permeating culture that has a large group of members but often has little communication, interaction or bonds between individuals.” (Read the full statement.)

To get the images, Jonathan came up with a pretty interesting rig using two cars and a couple of friends. He had his camera mounted on a tripod in the back of his car, pointing out the rear view window. Sitting next to him, his friend manned the MacBook Pro the camera was tethered to. His girlfriend drove the second car, which had one gridded strobe pointing out the back side window. Once everyone was in position, he would use his PocketWizard Plus® II to trigger both the camera and the strobe simultaneously.

Jonathan Castillo - Behind the scenes

The rig ©2012 Jonathan Castillo


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