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Making Waves, 23 August 2013

making_waves_logoKeith Pytlinski, whose been featured in our blog many times before, talks about a piece of gear he can’t leave home without.


From Behind the Lens: Garth Milan, we find a great video about why Garth loves what he does.


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Keith Pytlinski Breaks Seven Rules

Keith Pytlinski Breaking RulesPhotographer Keith Pytlinski, no stranger to our blog, has published a new post on his M5 Photography blog about breaking rules. Primarily known for his sports photography, Pytlinski captured mountain bikers at midday.

Using a Canon EOS 7D, a Boling 600 watt strobe, and a PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5, Pytlinski got some great images, all the while breaking the following list of photography “rules.” Here’s what he listed as his violations in the post:

  • Shot at midday
  • Shot JPEGs
  • Changed lenses outside
  • Used UV filters on both lenses
  • Used bare bulb flash/no diffuser
  • Used non-Canon L lenses (thanks Sigma and Tokina)
  • Didn’t watermark my images before posting

As the old cliche goes, you have to know the rules in order to break them. Catch the full details and the images themselves on his blog. Nice job, Keith!

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First Day of Spring with M5

Keith Pytlinski at M5 Photography never stops. His recent post of shots taken in Southern California on the first day of spring showcase his utilization of the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and the FlexTT5 to light a rider just before the rain hit. Check out how he brings the foreground and subject to life against the overcast sky in the below shot.

©M5 Photography

Pytlinski used only one strobe, and had it held by an assistant, which facilitated fast changes and quick shooting. “The new PocketWizards offer a freedom of shooting with nearly any settings I choose,” he writes. “Shooting all afternoon without worrying about syncing at 1/250th was the best.”

You can see more of Pytlinski’s work at M5 Photography.

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Keith Pytlinski’s Remote Flash on the Mountain

Keith Pytlinski is still hiking to remote locations and coming back with some great photography. With all the excitement over the Nikon-compatible PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units, Pytlinski wanted to test the Canon versions of those products on this recent mountain bike shoot.

©Keith Pytlinski

Pytlinski shot in a few locations, with strobes out of his line of sight at different distances. It seems the furthest he set up on this shoot was 100 feet, with rock between the Pytlinski and his strobes. The PocketWizards did their job well, according to this demanding pro shooter of extreme sports.

Readers can see more of Pytlinski’s photography at his site. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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Keith Pytlinski’s Harley Shoot

One of our favorite shooters, Keith Pytlinski, is still in the game, and still getting innovative photographic results. His Southern California-based M5photography continues to bring exciting sports photography to clients and viewers everywhere.

Pytlinski’s latest shoot involves a Harley Davidson, a Canon 7D, and a variety of PocketWizards. He employed MiniTT1 units, FlexTT5 units, and Plus II units to get some great-looking images with remote triggering. A handy Magic Arm was employed to get some compositions and angles you don’t see every day.

Pytlinski has also gone to great lengths to more fully test his MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units. The results can be read at his new post entitled “Remote Flash and a New Mountain Bike Shoot.” The story features some great shots and serious details about technical setups with his strobes, camera, and PocketWizard gear. Nice one, Keith!

Be sure to check out M5photography’s site for more great work.

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Off-road Magic with Keith Pytlinski

Keith Pytlinski has posted a brief article on a shoot he did of an off-road Volkswagen Beetle. Despite the bug getting stuck, which required digging it out, Pytlinski was able to get some impressive shots before the sun completely disappeared.

Pytlinski used a Canon 7D body with a Tokina 12-24mm f/4 lens, and Boling 2×300 watt strobes, which were fired by PocketWizard Plus II units. His description of his lighting set-up follows, and is in his own words.

Lighting set up: Since the sun was setting fast I didn’t have a lot of time to set up. As mentioned above I used Boling strobes with the battery pack, having one strobe camera left and one camera right. Each strobe was set up about the height of the fender on the VW. As with all my off camera flash work, I used the PocketWizard Plus IIs which allowed me to fire the strobes remotely and move around in between the lights without having another cable to worry about.

Thanks, and great job, Keith!

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Keith Pytlinski Shoots into the Sun

Keith Pytlinski of M5 Photography shared a dramatic shot on his blog recently. Using PocketWizard Plus II units, he got this exciting image shooting into the sun, uphill, with a lot of frozen action, including flying dust. We love the lens flare and energy behind the entire shot.

Visit his blog and breakdown of the set-up, which also includes details on digging berms and a voice-activated tripod! Nice job, Keith!

Check out other posts about Keith’s work: 1, 2, 3.

M5 Photography
M5 Photography blog

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Keith Pytlinski's Night Project

Shooter Keith Pytlinski recently posted a detailed story about the making of a shot he had been thinking about for awhile before executing it. Wanting a mountain bike rider in a night shot with long exposure-stars visible, a friend helped reframe his original idea and came up with the great image below.

©Keith Pytlinski

Keith used PocketWizard Plus II’s to get the rider in the foreground. Thanks for the informative post and great image, Keith!

Read more about other times we’ve bumped into Keith here and here.

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Keith Pytlinski is at it again!

You’ve probably read about Keith on our blog before. Well, he’s back with two action images shot with his trusty PocketWizard Plus II’s:

Check out Keith’s website and Flickr for more awesome action work.

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