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Lost and Found with King Davis

King Davis of Thomaston, Georgia is a registered nurse who works at a hospice. When not dedicating himself to the sensitive care many families unfortunately have need for, Davis dedicates his other hours to another passion: photography. Unsolicited, we received a great email from Davis regarding the following story.

King Davis

©King Davis

Last year, he had been the owner of six PocketWizard Plus II units. When going through his gear bag, he could only locate five of the radio triggers. On February 26 of this year, Davis was shooting a session along the railroad tracks seen at right. He writes,

“As we approached the location, the model noticed some dark grey plastic half-buried in the Georgia red dirt. Yep, PocketWizard #6 right where I unknowingly dropped it out of a bag on a shoot from October 21, 2011. I’m thinking you can by now guess the end of this story. I took it home, cleaned away as much of the caked-on mud as I could, replaced the corroded batteries and sha-ZAM…fired the flash the very first time! Bravo on a great product! As a Christian, I see this as a timely metaphor for the celebration of Easter. As a company, you should be rightly proud of your electronic product that can sit exposed to over four months of rain, mud and cold and go right back into service without missing a beat. And as a photographer, I’m glad I chose to buy the best…your stuff is worth it!”


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