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PocketWizard Flight #17 Now Departing…

Throughout history, photographers have tried all sorts of methods to achieve high-angle photos. 

For really high work, nothing beats a helicopter or small plane with the door off. With a good pilot, a photographer can get pretty much anything he or she desires. Less high perspectives have been achieved from powered hang gliders, remote controlled drones or even kites. When we get down to the 0-75 foot range, however, the normal way of doing things is to rent a high-lift. Either hydraulic or electric powered, it’s not an easy task to get it to the shooting site, set it up, and operate it (or have a professional operate it while you hang on for dear life). 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tripod that went up 75-feet? It’s actually a reality, as you can see here. Not exactly the sort of thing you strap to your knapsack, but a lot less damaging to the environment than a low-flying helicopter. Frank Siteman, Winchester, MA-based photographer, offers a unique service with the “Luskapod” (our nomenclature). A key element in this set-up, as you can see, is the ubiquitous PocketWizard, to trigger the camera from terra firma. Nice!

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