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Mark Shaiken’s Athletes

Catching Air | © 2012 Mark Shaiken

Catching Air | © 2012 Mark Shaiken

Mark Shaiken is a Kansas City photographer who aims to “tell stories, one image at a time.” For his athletes series, he’s using HSS to capture the action. Here is a story he wanted to share about his shooting told in his own words.

I use my FlexTT5’s to take shots of developing athletes in action, whether on the track, at a lacrosse field, a baseball field, a motocross course, a climbing rock, a boxing facility, etc.

Adding light is absolutely essential to get the look I’m going for. I can control the ambient light, adjusting for ISO, aperture, and speed, and then add light to the athlete for the “look.” I had heard of McKenzie and her hurdling and thought showing her from below, as she went over the gate, would be a good, unique perspective. We were lucky the Kansas skies cooperated that day.


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