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Making Waves, 6 September 2013

making_waves_logoMaking Waves is a weekly round-up of current posts featuring PocketWizard products.

Justin Van Leeuwen of JVL Photography in Ottawa, Ontario has a great blog post up about his third year shooting the Cole family. This year’s shoot took place at their summer cottage. Electronic technology and water typically are not to be mixed, but that didn’t stop Van Leeuwen from doing his best to capture each of eight family members, plus their dog, while balancing a large octa on a floating raft.

Van Leeuwen utilized a MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and HyperSync® speeds to make this deceptively fun shot that definitely presented challenges to execute. He’s a Westcott-endorsed Pro and lens reviewer for We hope to explore more of his work in-depth in the future.

©Justin Van Leeuwen

©Justin Van Leeuwen


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What’s that for, PocketWizard?

This month’s feature is basically a road map for HyperSync®.  Why a “road map?”  Because HyperSync, a tool that could be used for all kinds of genius photography, seems to attract wheels. Motorcyles and BMXBicycles. And more motorcycles. Last month I called it BikerSync®. Mark Wallace, a motorcycle guy himself, wheeled down the road less taken and rallied a grand tour Webinar on HyperSync.

Shooting Portraits with HyperSync.

Here is some information we sent out to viewers before the Webinar. The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began, but the trip is a little smoother if you have the key to your magic decoder ring.


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Shooting Portraits with HyperSync Webinar

Mark Wallace Webinar

Join host Mark Wallace for a live Webinar on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST. Mark will give a thorough overview of PocketWizard’s revolutionary HyperSync® technology while using the latest firmware. You’ll learn how to extend the capabilities of your studio strobes for location work when shooting in bright sunlight. Mark will cover the basics of sync speed and the limitations photographers face when using traditional methods.

Mark will then explain how HyperSync works using animations, whiteboard illustrations, and live demonstrations in the studio. Finally, Mark will show you how to put everything into practice by showing an actual shoot on-location.

This live Webinar includes plenty of time for questions and answers. Join us and learn what HyperSync can do for you.


Originally broadcast on June 27th, 2013, this Webinar is now available as an archive on this page.

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Mark Wallace Rides with the PlusX

Mark Wallace demonstrates a fun setup he used to take portraits of himself riding a motorcycle in this quick video. Originally part of a Webinar we aired in March to help intro the features of the PlusX, you can get the entire 49 minute video in the PocketWizard Webinar archive.

mark-wallace-plusxWith his 1DS Mark II securely attached to a rig on the back of a car, Mark has an assistant fire the car-mounted camera using a PocketWizard PlusX. On their way back, they add a strobe to the mix, also fired by the PlusX.

Check it out above and see more of Mark’s videos on Snapfactory.

All video and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Mark Wallace, all rights reserved; story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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Setting up a Photo Booth from Start to Finish

Considering almost everyone has a camera of some form or another with them all the time, it’s kind of crazy how popular (and fun) a good old fashioned photo booth can be.

In this AdoramaTV video presented by Mark Wallace, you’ll learn how to set up a photo booth that will automatically process and display your photos. All guests need to do is pick up the PocketWizard Plus III, stashed by the entrance, and click away to remotely fire both the camera and the flash.

Don’t forget, silly faces are mandatory and strictly enforced!


All video and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©AdoramaTV, all rights reserved; story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or repost elsewhere without written permission.

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PocketWizard PlusX Webinar with Mark Wallace


Come see Mark Wallace demonstrate something new from PocketWizard and learn how easy radio triggering can be.

The PocketWizard Plus®X is the newest release from PocketWizard and it is designed to make wireless triggering simple. During this live Webinar, Mark will show you how to get up and running with the PlusX in a matter of minutes. This new transceiver is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters and receivers, making it a great addition to any photographer’s gear. Join Mark live for the first look at the PlusX and get technical help from PocketWizard pros in the chat room. We hope to see you there!

Date: Originally presented March 5, 2013, this Webinar has been archived!
Time: 7pm or 9pm EST
Title: Introducing the PocketWizard PlusX with Mark Wallace
Presenter: Mark Wallace

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Sandy Can’t Stop Mark Wallace!

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone. Because of that terrible disaster, Mark Wallace’s live Webinar on using PocketWizard technology with the Sekonic L-478DR was postponed.

This learning event is once again heading your way, with a new date of 12 December 2012 at 1:00 EST.

Check out the original announcement and visit the PocketWizard site to see the Webinar live. No pre-registration is necessary.

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Webinar: Mark Wallace’s Favorite Lighting Setups

Mark Wallace Webinar

This Wednesday, November 7, 2012, Mark Wallace will demonstrate some of his favorite lighting setups. Featured gear will include Profoto D1 and Acute2 units, Sekonic meters (including the new L-478DR) and a mix of PocketWizard radio triggers such as the MiniTT1®, FlexTT5®, and the Plus® III.

Date: November 7, 2012
Time: 12:00pm PST
Cost: FREE!

Broadcasting live from his studio in Phoenix, Arizona, Mark will also take questions from the viewing audience. Mark will walk through each setup, show how he meters the lights, discuss the gear used, and answer questions.

The workshop will be streaming via Ustream, so anyone can join from anywhere in the world. The workshop will last approximately three hours and will be packed with lighting tips and techniques. Don’t miss this exciting free educational resource!

See more details at the SnapFactory blog.

This Webinar has been archived. Details available here.

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WEBINAR: PocketWizard and the New Sekonic L-478DR

Watch live as professional photographer Mark Wallace explores the capabilities of using PocketWizard triggers with the new Sekonic L-478DR light meter.

Mark will demonstrate how the L-478DR enables you to control the power output of your flashes — even control multiple zones — right through the meter! This feature works with both Nikon® and Canon® Speedlights mounted on FlexTT5® transceivers. Mark will also show you how to trigger both ControlTL and standard channels (and zones) to meter Speedlights and studio strobes at the same time.

Join us on 12 December 2012 at 1:00pm EDT for this free live video Webinar sponsored by PocketWizard and Sekonic. This session is sure to both teach and entertain.

Want to see more or Mark Wallace’s educational videos? Check out his YouTube channel, follow him on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and his sites and, including a portfolio of images shot with the Sekonic L-478DR and PocketWizard wireless radio triggers.

Still hungry for knowledge? See more on-demand Sekonic Webinars!

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Using Sekonic’s New RT-32CTL Transmitter with PocketWizard ControlTL® System

Hosted by Mark Wallace, this live Webinar will explore and explain using Sekonic’s new RT-32CTL transmitter with the PocketWizard ControlTL System.

Please note:
This Webinar has been archived and can now be found here.

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