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RETV and Monte Isom on the PocketWizard Plus III

We’ve been a fan of Monte Isom for years. His irrepressible attitude is often cited by clients as a reason they keep hiring him. If you’ve got something going on with sports and need it photographed, Isom should be on your radar.

RETV has released a great video of Isom working out with the new PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers. Check it out to see him in Barcelona photographing Guillermo Ochoa over the distance of an entire football field.

Isom also did some other experiments, including exceeding the 500 meter range in the frequency-jammed streets of New York City. He states, “At a pricepoint of $139, I’ll be replacing all fifteen of my PocketWizards.”

When you watch this short video, don’t forget to watch through to the very end to see some great outtakes. You can seeĀ Isom’s site for more sports photography goodness.

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