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PocketWizard Goes to the Olympics

At the 2012 Olympic summer games, Reuters is trying something new: robots! Using a system they have been developing since 2009, Reuters will place eleven robotic cameras high in the rafters of the Olympic stadium, a point of view otherwise inaccessible to photographers.

The photographers will then be able to control the cameras remotely using a joystick and fire them via wireless transmitter. Pictures will be transmitted wirelessly into their editing system where they can then be sent out all over the world.

Click here to read the full article on Reuters’ site written by Fabrizio Bensch and see more photos of the robo-cam’s installation. In the shot below we’ve spotted a PocketWizard MultiMAX radio trigger helping to get the angles no one else will.

Fabrizio Bensch captures one of his Reuters rigs for the Olympics. Check out the PocketWizard MultiMAX on the left. ©Fabrizio Bensch for Reuters

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Robert Beck’s Multi-Angle, Multi-Camera MultiMAX

There’s no expiration date on wisdom, and that’s certainly true in this case. This article might be from 2007, but its wisdom still holds true. Robert Beck has been shooting for Sports Illustrated since 1986 and offered this helpful tutorial on how to use PocketWizard MultiMAX® radio triggers to simultaneously fire five cameras and a set of strobes.

This means every time he triggers the system, “each camera records a beautifully lit image at exactly the same instant, giving you/your editors 2-5 different angles of the same stupendous play.”

In the article, he details exactly how he and his assistant achieve this set up, what equipment is needed, and what settings need some extra attention. All in all, some excellent tips for maximum coverage, vital for high profile sporting events where you just can’t afford to miss a shot!

See the tutorial and don’t forget to check out Robert’s portfolio. An additional source of information on this setup can be found within the MultiMAX manual.

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The MultiMAX in Multiuser Environments

PocketWizard WikiIf you don’t know about it, PocketWizard has a very handy Wiki available for free. A tremendous source of knowledge, here’s just one page worth checking out, especially if you’ll be shooting at an event where many other folks will be using PocketWizards, too.

The Olympics in London this year promise to be one such event: hundreds of photographers fighting for great shots, the airwaves jammed with shooters’ radio triggers vying for clear frequencies.

Whether you’re shooting a wedding with one or two other photographers also using off-camera flash and remote camera triggering, or if you’re in London this summer trying to win a Pulitzer for sports coverage, the PocketWizard Wiki could save you a lot of headaches. Knowledge is good. Enjoy, and check back, as this page is slated to be updated continually.

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Special 2012 Summer Olympics MultiMAX Upgrade

A press release has been created for the Special 2012 Summer Olympics MultiMAX Upgrade.

Special 2012 London Summer Olympics Upgrade Offer for Custom ID owners with older MultiMAX radios

So. Burlington, VT – LPA Design, manufacturer of PocketWizard Photo Accessories, is announcing a special MULTIMAX UPGRADE offer exclusively to Custom ID owners.

Special London Olympics Offer:

If you own an older PocketWizard radio with a Custom ID in it, you should take advantage of this special offer to upgrade to the latest MultiMAX. A modern MultiMAX has the following benefits for the Olympics:

  • A USB port for firmware upgrades — we are working on a new firmware to help in multi-user Olympic environments
  • The ability to move your Custom ID to a different frequency. Older radios had the Custom ID pinned to one frequency — if the frequency was crowded you might miss triggers. The latest MultiMAX allows you to move among the available frequencies in your MultiMAX to move away from interference.
  • An ACC port for controlling the “half press” of your remote camera
  • And more!

From now until July 31st, you can upgrade your older Custom ID radio to a modern MultiMAX for $195. Just send your Custom ID radio to LPA Design and we will take care of the rest.

How do you know if you have an older MultiMAX? Hold down “A” on power-up – if your MultiMAX displays version 6.xx or earlier, you could benefit from an upgrade!

This offer is only available for MultiMAX or MAX radios with Custom IDs already installed. It is not for Plus, Plus II, Plus III, etc. This offer is only available directly from LPA Design.

Custom IDs:

A Custom ID is a private channel on a MultiMAX. In hyper-crowded shooting environments, Custom IDs give you the confidence to know that your remote flash or camera can only be triggered by you and not any other photographer. It is not a “private frequency.” It is an exclusive code installed on top of an existing PocketWizard frequency.

No other manufacturer offers such a unique and valuable service. Custom IDs require a special factory-service which is only available by sending your radios to LPA Design.

In anticipation of high demand for Custom IDs at the 2012 London Olympics, LPA encourages any photographer needing a Custom ID to approach LPA as soon as possible.

Custom IDs are $95 per radio, per ID – the same price as the 2008 Olympics special offer.

Turn-around Time / Repairs:

Sending in your MultiMAX for a Custom ID is a great time to get it repaired/verified. Our normal turn-around time is 2 weeks and normal repair charges apply. During the special offer period we will put forth every effort to shorten this time. If you need to get your units prioritized, we offer an expedite service for $50 — your units are put in the priority queue. We cannot guarantee a specific return date, though we try our best to honor special requests. Shipping is your responsibility both ways.

Contact us here for more information: 

Olympic Suggestions:
Setup and usage guidelines for mega-multiuser environments like the Olympics will be posted here: 

(give us a few days to fill it out)

Have fun at the games!

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Moshe Zusman Photography Workshops

Moshe ZusmanMoshe Zusman is a professional photographer shooting weddings, events, corporate work, portraits and fashion from his base in the Washington, D.C. area.

On April 11, 2012, Zusman will be running a workshop from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM. The day starts with a seminar on the business of wedding photography and ends with a portfolio review, with lots of shooting in between. Full details can be found on his site.

Be prepared for lots of knowledge. Zusman employs the PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5, MultiMAX, and the Plus II in his shooting. See the entire day’s schedule for full details.


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Mark Teo, with Flair and Honesty

Mark Teo is brutally honest. He will give you completely unfiltered opinions of anything you ask for. He is especially honest about himself. In the age of self-promotion via social media, this young photographer’s approach is refreshing, at the very least.

“Born and bred in Singapore,” is how Teo first describes himself. This is quickly followed by “I dropped out of engineering school.” Doing poorly in all his subjects, Teo reevaluated what he wanted to do with his future.

At the time, he was an active aggressive inline skater. This sport got him interested in video and photography because his friends often filmed what they were doing. This was in the days just before digital filmmaking was becoming accessible, so Teo was immersed in film.


©Mark Teo


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Sankey’s Portraits of the Greenline

The city of Memphis has learned what many other U.S. communities have discovered for quite some time. Greenways made from abandoned railways are a huge public asset for citizens to enjoy year round. They create a sense of community, better the local quality of life, and have the added and real fiscal payoff of curbing illness and medical costs as the populace gets healthier from more exercise.

Despite the objections of local naysayers who couldn’t learn from longstanding examples such as Seattle’s gorgeous Burke-Gilman Trail, the Greater Memphis Greenline is now a reality, and local walkers, joggers, cyclists and in-line skaters can attest, it’s a major hit.

Not to be left out of the fun, photographers have been actively capturing some of the folks enjoying this public asset. Possibly the most interesting project happening on the Greenline is a photo rig built and run by Joe Sankey of Sankey Photography. In a recent blog post, Joe details a bicycle rig which features, among other things

Sankey goes into some detail about how he set up the rig, and the video shows shots captured of fellow cyclists. Both our readers and ourselves love to see interesting ways PocketWizard technology is applied in the field, and this one definitely is not your typical off-camera flash set-up. Nice work!

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Garth Milan, From Rider to Shooter

Now based in Orange County, California, Garth Milan has moved around the United States since childhood, living everywhere from upstate New York to Puerto Rico to Florida to Washington State. After attending high school in California, he went to Cal State Long Beach to study Photojournalism.

At the age of 19, Milan was a motocross rider and nearly achieved professional rider status. A string of broken bones and other injuries made him reevaluate the odds of earning a living in the sport. Well-into photography by that point, he easily slid into a transition from participant to photographer. “It wasn’t just motocross, either,” he says. “It was other sports like wakeboarding, which was another one I was really into.”


©Garth Milan


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The Royal Wedding and PocketWizards

Just a tidbit today. Looks like this morning’s royal wedding was going to be covered by PocketWizard units doing remote camera triggering duty, according to Phil Noble, who wrote a Reuters blog post covering the gear to be used.

PocketWizard MultiMAX units as part of the Reuters team covering the royal wedding. ©Reuters

Noble reports, “Many of these will be fired remotely using pocket wizard [sic] wireless triggers and will shoot using wider lenses to give an overview of the pomp and ceremony as the day goes on freeing us to concentrate on the more important tighter pictures….”

Can’t wait to see the images, Phil! Thanks for showing the world how hard you and your team work. Cheers!

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Jim Young’s Hockey Night in Washington

The White House recently hosted a ceremony for the Chicago Black Hawks as 2010 Stanley Cup Champions. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program promoting exercise and health for America’s youth was also tied in, with a street hockey game for kids.

©Jim Young for Reuters

Photographer Jim Young, who grew up in Canada, is no stranger to hockey, and wanted to shoot the event for Reuters with some unique remote camera triggering action. Check out his recent post on the Reuters site to see the plastic container he fabricated to protect his Canon EOS 5D Mark II and PocketWizard MultiMAX from all the hockey action.

Nice job, Jim!

©Jim Young for Reuters

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