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Donald Miralle and Plus III at the Opening Ceremony

Acclaimed sports photographer Donald Miralle was in the enviable position of covering the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. From day one, he was getting great shots!

Using the PocketWizard Plus® III at the opening ceremony as a remote camera trigger, Donald was able to capture the fireworks going off in the stadium and over London Bridge simultaneously, resulting in two epic photographs. He writes, “You can be in two places at the same time!”

Donald was kind enough to answer some questions regarding his photography and these shots in particular.

How did you get to photograph the Olympics this year?

I shot this Olympics for Newsweek Magazine / Daily Beast, as I have the last two Olympic Games (Vancouver, Beijing) and the prior four games I shot for Getty Images / Allsport (Athens, Torino, Salt Lake, and Sydney) Working for Newsweek is a great assignment ,as they do not require daily coverage nor are they interested in standard action shots, which they can pick up off the wire if need be, but rather more artistic and different angle shots which is right up my alley. They ran a couple stories as well as weekly “Best of Olympics” galleries they ran on Web and in print, so I was really able to focus on making pictures and less on deadlines. That was really nice.


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PocketWizard Goes to the Olympics

At the 2012 Olympic summer games, Reuters is trying something new: robots! Using a system they have been developing since 2009, Reuters will place eleven robotic cameras high in the rafters of the Olympic stadium, a point of view otherwise inaccessible to photographers.

The photographers will then be able to control the cameras remotely using a joystick and fire them via wireless transmitter. Pictures will be transmitted wirelessly into their editing system where they can then be sent out all over the world.

Click here to read the full article on Reuters’ site written by Fabrizio Bensch and see more photos of the robo-cam’s installation. In the shot below we’ve spotted a PocketWizard MultiMAX radio trigger helping to get the angles no one else will.

Fabrizio Bensch captures one of his Reuters rigs for the Olympics. Check out the PocketWizard MultiMAX on the left. ©Fabrizio Bensch for Reuters

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Special 2012 Summer Olympics MultiMAX Upgrade

A press release has been created for the Special 2012 Summer Olympics MultiMAX Upgrade.

Special 2012 London Summer Olympics Upgrade Offer for Custom ID owners with older MultiMAX radios

So. Burlington, VT – LPA Design, manufacturer of PocketWizard Photo Accessories, is announcing a special MULTIMAX UPGRADE offer exclusively to Custom ID owners.

Special London Olympics Offer:

If you own an older PocketWizard radio with a Custom ID in it, you should take advantage of this special offer to upgrade to the latest MultiMAX. A modern MultiMAX has the following benefits for the Olympics:

  • A USB port for firmware upgrades — we are working on a new firmware to help in multi-user Olympic environments
  • The ability to move your Custom ID to a different frequency. Older radios had the Custom ID pinned to one frequency — if the frequency was crowded you might miss triggers. The latest MultiMAX allows you to move among the available frequencies in your MultiMAX to move away from interference.
  • An ACC port for controlling the “half press” of your remote camera
  • And more!

From now until July 31st, you can upgrade your older Custom ID radio to a modern MultiMAX for $195. Just send your Custom ID radio to LPA Design and we will take care of the rest.

How do you know if you have an older MultiMAX? Hold down “A” on power-up – if your MultiMAX displays version 6.xx or earlier, you could benefit from an upgrade!

This offer is only available for MultiMAX or MAX radios with Custom IDs already installed. It is not for Plus, Plus II, Plus III, etc. This offer is only available directly from LPA Design.

Custom IDs:

A Custom ID is a private channel on a MultiMAX. In hyper-crowded shooting environments, Custom IDs give you the confidence to know that your remote flash or camera can only be triggered by you and not any other photographer. It is not a “private frequency.” It is an exclusive code installed on top of an existing PocketWizard frequency.

No other manufacturer offers such a unique and valuable service. Custom IDs require a special factory-service which is only available by sending your radios to LPA Design.

In anticipation of high demand for Custom IDs at the 2012 London Olympics, LPA encourages any photographer needing a Custom ID to approach LPA as soon as possible.

Custom IDs are $95 per radio, per ID – the same price as the 2008 Olympics special offer.

Turn-around Time / Repairs:

Sending in your MultiMAX for a Custom ID is a great time to get it repaired/verified. Our normal turn-around time is 2 weeks and normal repair charges apply. During the special offer period we will put forth every effort to shorten this time. If you need to get your units prioritized, we offer an expedite service for $50 — your units are put in the priority queue. We cannot guarantee a specific return date, though we try our best to honor special requests. Shipping is your responsibility both ways.

Contact us here for more information: 

Olympic Suggestions:
Setup and usage guidelines for mega-multiuser environments like the Olympics will be posted here: 

(give us a few days to fill it out)

Have fun at the games!

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