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Neil Davidson’s Parkour Photo Shoot

It always pays to experiment. After an already successful parkour shoot, photographer Neil Davidson decided to throw some flour into the mix – and ended up with some awesome shots. Here’s his account of how he did it.

©2012 Neil Davidson

I recently did a parkour shoot with Kurt and Matt, a couple of local free-runners. One of the things that separates them from other so-called free-runners is that they don’t indulge in somersaults or backflips, ‘tricking’ as it’s commonly known. Their aim, instead, is to traverse obstacles in the most efficient and smooth manner possible, which makes for great images but I’d seen these images with people throwing flour in the air that looked really cool and wondered if we could integrate this idea into a parkour shoot. Kurt travels around Europe doing more performance styled free-running so thankfully they were behind the idea from the start. After five hours of work, it was definitely a fun way to end the shoot!


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