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A Day at the Beach

Photographer Randall Grant photographed Jessica Gomez on location using PocketWizard at the Dead Sea in Israel for Sports Illustrated’s 2008 Swimsuit Edition.

Links: SI website, Photos from this shoot

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Max Simbron's Hoop Shot (copyright Max Simbron)
(copyright Max Simbron)

Setting up a remote camera is old hat to seasoned PocketWizard shooters, but newcomers often have a lot of questions. Like, how do you get the correct angle? What about turning on the camera so it stays ready? And, what happens if a player is about to fall crashing down on your $8,000 digital camera as he’s being shoved out of bounds? Well, bunkies, fear no more. Max Simbron comes to our rescue, complete with an excellent explanatory blog and even a video he produced on the same subject! Way to go, Max! Link

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Good Horse Sense

Columbia, SC-based photojournalist Brett Flashnick (Brett, tell us you didn’t make that name up!) knows you can’t get too close to a horse during a race, lest the thoroughbred take a chunk out of your head with his hooves. So, like many photographers, Brett uses Pocket Wizards to trigger the cameras from a safe distance.  “When the race began,” says Brett, “I decided to shoot from down the track with my 300mm f/2.8 and 1.4x converter, with the PocketWizard on the hot shoe of the camera, so I could have two angles of the shot, in case the remote didn’t work for some reason. Once the event is done with, you can go back to your remote, and collect your images and hope you got what you envisioned.”  Nice work, indeed.

Congratulations, Brett! Link

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Wedding Photographer Scarlett Lillian at WPPI with PocketWizard

LeysaRoss18.jpg LeysaRoss18.jpg
One of the great perks of selling a professional photo tool like PocketWizard is that you get to meet photographers from all walks of life, in all aspects of the profession and with different ways of solving lighting and shooting problems. One of our recent encounters (at WPPI) was with Jacksonville, FL-based Scarlett Lillian, wedding photographer extraordinaire. Scarlett works witha Canon 5D and Canon 580EXII flash, getting it off-camera with the help of the ubiquitous PocketWizard Plus II. Take a look at her work on and read more on her blog at Beautiful, elegant work, Scarlett!
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Flickr Tag Cloud for "PocketWizard"

Flickr is a truly amazing photo-sharing site. A friend of ours sent a link to this tool from hivemind that shows the tag cloud for all images on Flickr tagged with “PocketWizard”. 

read more:

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Mark Wallace’s "Digital Photography One on One" Video Tutorials

Check out Mark Wallace of‘s informative video on how to set up a PocketWizard system:

Read more:

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Rich Legg photographs in private jet with PocketWizard


The lighting for the scene was pretty straightforward. I wanted to create a look that made it appear that the plane was flying. To do so, very bright windows were the key. I placed large softboxes on both sides of the plane to light the windows, then used a small softbox above and behind my camera position for fill light. All of the lights were synced with Pocketwizard radios. 

See the results:

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USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro uses PocketWizard MultiMAX at 30fps to shoot Barry Bonds home run record swing

Robert Hanashiro of USA today used PocketWizard MultiMAX to shoot at a blazing 30fps with three Canon EOS-1D Mark II DSLRs while recording Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home-run swing, plus crossing home plate. Check out this cool video from YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

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