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Ben Von Wong Playing with Fire

©Ben Von Wong

ISO 100, 24mm, f/10.0, 3.7 sec shot with a Nikon D800E. ©Ben Von Wong

For some time now we had been hoping to get new content from Ben Von Wong on the PocketWizard blog. He recently posted details of a stunning shoot on his own blog with us in mind, and we’re very thankful.

Not too long ago, Von Wong found himself in Los Angeles with a bit of downtime. Instead of enjoying the weather or sightseeing, he hit the road and made the strange drive from the L.A. basin to that iconic, below-sea level rift lake known as the Salton Sea.

If you’ve had the chance to see the Salton Sea, you know there’s plenty of amazing photo opportunities, especially as night falls. The manmade ecological disaster has created very few good things, and even though selenium and increasing salinity are problems, nature’s beauty, plus the decay of things left behind provided Von Wong with a gorgeous setting for his impromptu photography project.


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