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Solway Lights up Scotland

Darren R. McKean and his wife Fiona run Solway Photographic in the United Kingdom. Darren just wrote us to share his PocketWizard Experience. Here it is in his words, along with some images.

I set up a wedding shoot to promote a Victorian hotel in Dumfries, Scotland on Monday 13th December. Knowing the hotel might not provide the best light, plus a winters day in Scotland, we purchased some PocketWizards, watched the online videos and they really are so easy to use. We are using a MiniTT1 and two FlexTT5 units with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a 50D with 580 and 430 EX11 Speedlites.

©Solway Photography

We watched a couple of the tutorials on the PocketWizard Web site and with recommendation from Brett Harkness and Damien Lovegrove we took the plunge. We both found them unbelievably easy to use, especially using exposure compensation in camera. We now can’t imagine being without them and find ourselves looking for new ways to use them.

©Solway Photography

Thanks so much, Darren and Fiona. We hope you continue to enjoy your PocketWizards!

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