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The Phoblographer Reviews the PocketWizard Plus III

Thomas Campbell has posted a detailed review of the PocketWizard Plus III on The Phoblographer.¬†Early in this piece, he writes, “…with the signature PocketWizard Plus II getting a little long in the tooth, its replacement was due and it has exceeded all my expectations.”

Covering new features of the Plus III, the review points out the usefulness of groups, the expansion of channels to 32, increased range, an LCD meter and battery meter. A detailed table of technical specifications is also provided.

Campbell concludes the review with this paragaraph:

“If you are buying your first set of transmitters and receivers, I wholeheartedly recommend you buy the PocketWizard Plus III units. You will not be disappointed.”

Several original photos showcase the Plus III’s unique side profile mounting, which gives photographers both greater line of site over the tops of cameras and prevents accidental button pressing.

Read the entire review for full details. Check out Campbell’s site for his wedding photography.

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