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Timothy Armes’ Invisible Bike

Photographers write us often with details about their use of PocketWizard units on specific photo shoots. We love to share their experience, particularly when the results are this exciting. Timothy Armes has reached out and pointed us to a blog post with full details of how he achieved the below image.

Armes wrote us to say he used PocketWizard triggers and ControlTL technology “extensively with Canon.” At the end of last year, he switched to Nikon cameras. He also replaced his Canon PocketWizard units with Nikon-compatible PocketWizard radio triggers. “Being able to mix studio strobes with speedlights is great,” he writes.

Profoto AcuteB strobes were used for key light and a Nikon SB900 for the rim light, as outlined in his blog post. Check it out for an educational and inspiring bit of photographic know-how.

You can see more of Timothy Armes’ photography on his site and his Flickr account. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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