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Moose Peterson on the PocketWizard Plus III

For someone who works in nature, where each environment has unique challenges, versatility is important. That’s why wildlife photographer Moose Peterson loves the PocketWizard Plus III.

Peterson wrote a quick post about his new radio triggers on his blog. He writes, “Be it for camera or flash remotes, I can’t recommend these enough to you!”

Read his post on his blog and take a look at his wildlife images.

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Bronek Kaminski Captures Beasts

Bangkok-based British photographer Bronek Kaminski covers all of Southeast Asia for various news and editorial clients. Images from both of the following shoots ran worldwide in newspapers and magazines. They were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 580EX flashes.

©Bronek Kaminski

“With the elephant shots, the mahouts had been working all day, it was midnight by the time I managed to get some time with them, and they were really keen to finish,” Kaminski recalls. “As soon as I got the last shot, they told me to come up onto one of the elephants. We set off to a stall, bought some beers which were passed up to us, and we finished off the day sitting around in their camp drinking.”


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