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Photo Contest 001 Winners Announced

We asked you to show us how you MAKE IT POSSIBLE™ using PocketWizard Wireless Triggering Systems. The rules of the first photo contest were simple. Just one off-camera flash was required. 396 images were submitted, ten semi-finalists were chosen, and final judging was done by Mark Wallace.

Congrats to Trevor Mahoney of Waterloo, Canada for being named Overall Winner. Mahoney won two FlexTT5‘s and one MiniTT1 for Nikon, an AC3 ZoneController, a G-Wiz Trunk bag, and a 1-year subscription with SmugMug plus photo Web site customization. Congrats, Trevor!

Trevor Mahoney

The winning photo by Trevor Mahoney. ©Trevor Mahoney

Full details of all winners can be found here. Thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned for details about future contests.

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Going Wireless: 5th and Final Winner


Most swimming photography is divided into two categories: those that use flash on camera and those who shoot available light. Belgium-based photographer going by the blog (en Francaise, naturellement) name “Haristobald”  (EDIT: a.k.a Martin Boland) approached it differently, creatively and produced a hot video showing precisely how he made the images. To boil it down to its most basic description, he used two off-camera strobes and a black background. The lighting is dramatic and so are the photos. Check it out

Watch parts 2 & 3 of the video on his blog.

Deep thanks to every single enthusiastic photographer out there! You are all stars in our book. You made 76 videos during the contest, and your creativity and passion are applauded by us. Thank you all for sharing and participating. Choosing was a very hard process and so many more of you deserve some recognition for your efforts. So, look forward to some post-contest features from other outstanding efforts.

We’d also like to extend deep thanks to David Hobby at Strobist. His passion for teaching, photography and sharing is something in which we are honored to participate with this contest.

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Going Wireless Contest: 4th Winner

And the winner is… Jerry Vo

His Web site is (We don’t know if he has vanity plates with the same cute word play, but he obviously should.) Jerry took his model, ifer (pronounced if-er) to an abandoned brick factory. What they found was a fantastic assortment of backgrounds with which to work. Then, to get even more f8full (sorry) they dripped, threw and spattered paint all over ifer and the walls behind her. The highlight of the shoot was when they found an abandoned canoe (a what?) floating in a pool inside the factory. Jerry used Cactus triggers (see, we’re not prejudiced) and the final photos and video are outstanding.

Flickr Set of all the photos
Jerry’s Photo Portfolio
ifer’s model portfolio

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And You Thought Mozart was a Multi-Tasker? Going Wireless Contest: 3rd Winner

Well, meet Danish Puthan Valiyandi. His two German-based companies, DanishPV and, lists him as director, digital artist,  cinematographer and photographer. Whew! We get tired just thinking about all those tasks, let alone accomplishing them. One look at his websites, though, says very quickly what an incredibly talented man he is. Well, this month he put his talents to work winning the monthly PocketWizard video contest. Guess who he used as director, digital artist,  cinematographer and photographer? We didn’t think we’d have to tell you. Sehr gut!

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Going Wireless Contest: 1st Month Winner

We’re happy to announce the first winner of the PocketWizard and Strobist “Going Wireless” contest:

Ryan Allan Skateboard Behind The Scenes Shoot

Ryan gets a pair of PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers! Congrats :)

EDIT: See the final shot here.

We could not stop watching this video. Seriously. Outside of the obviously pro-quality videography, Ryan made great use of YouTube’s annotations to detail the behind-the-scenes tech notes (thumbs up!), plus the final shot was included in the end. Excellent way to follow the contest rules, Ryan. We dig.

It is essential to mention at this point that there are MANY awesome video entries on YouTube, and those of you who worked hard to submit for this contest are still eligible for next month’s drawing. Keep in mind that following the rules/guidelines for the contest score big points in judging.

* Creativity
* Detail the process (in-video text, in-person explanation, dub or via annotations)
* Tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” on YouTube
NOTE: making a beautiful video is NOT requisite for winning!

Additionally, we’d like to point out some there are other extraordinary videos that deserve a look (and perhaps could win in future months… you never know!). link. Some really cool videos came in right as we buttoned up the judging, so if you’re thinking about making your own, be sure browse all the current submissions. You are all very creative! Great stuff – keep ‘em coming – you are all awesome.

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