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Excuse Me Sir, Do You Mind if I Tape This Strobe onto Your Bulldozer? [David Tejada]

Colorado-based shooter David Tejada does some outstanding corporate imagery for Fortune 500 corporations around the world. Whether hanging out of a chopper doing aerials or a few thousand feet down in a coal mine, David also has something every corporate shooter needs: an outgoing personality and the ability to understand and tell the client’s story via dramatic photos. Like many of our PW blogsters, David uses a lot of little strobes, located in strategic places. He tells you how to do it in his class. Check out his work and see where 22 years of experience can lead.

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Pretty Soon the Bears Will be Taking Our Pictures!

Ron Nabity, and his wife Laura, have a great habit when they go on vacation. At least once during each trip, they make a dramatic picture of themselves against a scenic background. Now Ron, being a professional portrait and wedding photographer from Sacramento, CA knows a lot more about photography than your average tourista. Also, he’s a regular viewer of David Hobby’s site. So, put two and two together and let’s go to the videotape, and see how he did it. Fun! 

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